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4 benefits of having your pet on the road

4 benefits of having your pet on the road

Did you see the story about a trucker being reunited with his feline travelling companion, after five months of being apart? If not, you can read about it here.

The reunion between Matthew (owner) and Ashes (cat) sounds like it got pretty emotional and was only possible because Ashes was microchipped.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how good it would be to have had a four-legged friend on the road with me in my driving days.

After all, what’s guaranteed to make a long journey go faster? Bringing a friend along for the ride, that’s what.

Whether you hit the road with a dog, cat, or parrot, having a pet in the passenger seat brings plenty of benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of taking your pet to work – when work is driving a truck.

1 Helps prevent loneliness

Driving for hours at a time is enough to send anyone a bit stir-crazy now and then. Having a pet by your side helps relieve those feelings of loneliness and can act as the perfect sounding board when something doesn’t go to plan.

2 Gets you out of the truck

Being cooped up inside the cab of a truck isn’t great – for animals or humans. Animals are keen to get out into the fresh air and explore new places as much as possible, so if you have a dog in tow, it’s the perfect excuse to exercise every day. Depending on the energy levels of your mutt, that might be a few times a day. Regular exercise does plenty of good – from boosting heart health to keeping your blood pressure down.

3 Gives you a reason to be sociable

If there’s one thing pet owners love as much as spending time with their furry friends, it’s talking about them! Walking your dog at a truck stop makes for an easy conversation starter – even if that chat only lasts a few minutes.

4 Acts as a stress relief

When you’re feeling down and your stress levels are rising, the unconditional love of your pet (along with their silly antics) is guaranteed to make things seem a little better and your life a bit fuller.

Of course, having a pet in the passenger seat isn’t always going to be peachy. They might make a total mess or cause damage to the truck. And getting out of a toasty warm cab because Colin the Cocker Spaniel needs ANOTHER toilet break is not ideal when it’s freezing outside.

However, for all the potential problems, having a pet in tow is well worth the effort.

Do you travel with a four-legged companion? We’d love to see some photos!

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