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4 reasons driver turnover is so high

4 reasons driver turnover is so high

Driver retention has long been a problem for the trucking industry. After all, this is a role that requires workers to be away from home for long periods, often working alone, and which comes with a variety of lifestyle-related health issues. Put like that, it’s no wonder turnover is high.

Here are four of the key causes of driver turnover.

1 Human nature

Humans are social animals, always looking for interaction and connections with others. Any job that limits the opportunity for such connections is going to find recruitment and retention a challenge. There have been some initiatives aimed at increasing the amount of time truckers spend at home, but the evidence suggests more needs to be done.

2 Money

When drivers are paid on a per-mile basis, the difference between the number of miles driven during a set time period can vary dramatically. This can result in a big difference in take-home pay. These inconsistencies in monthly wages can result in drivers struggling to budget their money. The answer? Guaranteed or salary-based pay for long-haul drivers.

3 Health

Any job that involves a lot of travel generally involves less healthy food options than eating home-cooked meals. Convenience food is not always the healthiest and can lead to health issues such as obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. Voluntary health-related turnover has been a major contributor to driver turnover for many years.

4 Expectations vs reality

The expectations people have of driving a truck are rarely matched with the realities. Deteriorating infrastructure, supply chain inefficiencies and more. If you drive a truck, we don’t need to go on…

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