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5 Best route planners for fleets in 2023

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It’s essential to consider a few things, such as time effectiveness, cost reduction and functionality, when looking for helpful driving apps.

We’ve curated the top 5 accessible route planner apps for 2023 that will satisfy your driving needs to plan the ideal route and the proper way towards your destination.

These apps will offer the estimated travel distance, time and ETA. Available on Android and IOS, you can choose whichever feels convenient to your needs.

You can either use them online or offline, and infact you can even use them to schedule your future journies.

1. ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner

The ViaMichelin application is an immersive route planner that provides a FREE real-time traffic update with a 3D virtual environment and voice guidance.

The app will automatically optimise your route to reach your destination as quickly as possible by assessing the traffic conditions and multiple possible routes as compared to any other route planners in the market.

The ViaMichelin GPS route planner helps plan routes in advance with a more traditional way to print the directed maps for convenience.

Download the ViaMichelin route planner for FREE on IOS and Android.

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2. Google Maps

Here's how you can pin location in Google Maps: Steps to follow

Recognised worldwide and available for FREE, google maps have the most traditional way of portraying the trip for direction from departure to arrival anywhere in the world.

This famous route planner supports various types like public transport, private vehicles, cycling, and walking with offline download capabilities to access before the journey.

The real-time GPS prioritises Google Maps provides fast and reliable route planning across the globe. Drivers can download Google Maps for FREE on Android and IOS.

3. Waze

Waze - Wikidata

Waze is a community-based itinerary planner that prioritises your time to get to your destination quickly and easily.

This route planner is more efficient for getting drivers from one location to another with the least barriers, such as traffic and time consuming locations, throughout the way.

Additionally, the fully customizable app version will let you select your vehicle and fuel type to provide a more personal experience. Updates such as speed cameras, nearest truck stops and gas stations will also be provided along the way.

Waze has got you along your journey no matter which category fleet you drive. The Waze app is available to download on IOS and Android.


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MAPS.ME is an entirely offline route planner to save mobile data while driving. The app is pre-loaded with a brief map of the UK to select and go without any worries about going out of network.

Like Google maps, this app provides nearby needs such as hotel bookings, gas stations, truck stops and much more for any private or commercial vehicles.

Uniquely, the MAPS.ME will not only find you the best way but also lets you know more about the destination with a detailed description to make your experience seamless.

Download the MAPS.ME on Android and IOS.

5. TomTom GO Navigation

Drivers can create & modify the routes with the TomTom route panner with a data of all the previous journeys planned to keep the record after signing in. Best part is you can even sync your navigational data with another route planner device.

The more exotic feature TomTom offers is the option to choose the most scenic routes through out the venture, meaning it can selectively highlight and plan the most wonderful and interesting stretches of the road while planning.

TomTom Go Navigation app is available on Android and IOS with a 7-day free trial after sign-up and a time subscription of £7.99 per month or £19.99 per year, or you can choose the £29.99 per year as a Family Plan for up to 5 members.

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