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5 European electric truck startups hoping to challenge Tesla’s Semi

5 European electric truck startups hoping to challenge Tesla’s Semi

Regular trucks may still be common on our roads right now, in the future they will be replaced by more environmentally-friendly vehicles. These help save the planet, and reduce fleets’ operating costs.

When EU lawmakers agreed a deal on truck CO2 emission standards and set a zero-emission truck sales target, European truck makers realised electrification might become mainstream sooner than anticipated.

The much-anticipated Tesla Semi recently launched in Europe, but there are plenty of European startups offering electric trucks who are ready to take on Tesla on their home turf.

1 E-Trucks Europe (Netherlands)

Founded in 2017

E-Trucks Europe is always on the look-out for innovative, sustainable transport. Producing hydrogen-hybrid vehicles with an electric driveline, their trucks are quiet and produce no emissions. The built-in hydrogen system converts hydrogen into electricity and the vehicles can be used 24 hours a day.

2 Volta Trucks (Stockholm)

Founded in 2019 by Carl-Magnus Norden

Taking a driver-centric approach, Volta Trucks have lower cabs (no need to jump of climb), sensors and cameras to avoid blind spots, and reduced vibration – all of which make for a more pleasant driving experience.

3 StreetScooter (Germany)

Founded in 2010 by Achim Kampker and Günther Schuh

Acquired by Deutsche Post in 2014, StreetScooter offers zero-emissions utility vehicles tailored to users’ needs. With practical, robust and economic electric mobility options, its electric trucks have a range of between 50 and 80 km and a maximum speed of 85km/h.

4 Tevva (UK)

Founded in 2012 by Asher Bennett

Tevva uses award-winning technology in its extended range electric trucks.Ranging from 7.5 to 32 tonnes, the trucks integrate battery management systems, electric motor technology and a remotely operated range extender. Its first electric hybrid truck featured 74 kWh batteries on either side of the chassis and a 120 kW electric motor.

5 Einride (Stockholm)

Founded in 2016 by Filip Lilja, Linnéa Kornehed and Robert Falck

Einride develop fully electric and autonomous trucks which can be controlled remotely by drivers. The Einride Pod, one of its offerings, is equipped with specialised modular trailers for pallets, timber, perishable goods, and more.

Watch out Tesla. This lot mean business…

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