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5 facts about trucking

5 facts about trucking

Trucks are the lifeblood of our existence – they get food on shelves, petrol to pumps, and building materials to construction sites.

But I don’t need to tell a bunch of truck drivers that. There’s plenty you already know about trucking, but there’s also lots you might not.

Here are a few facts that might surprise you about an industry you know so well.

1 How much fuel does a truck use?

The average car might consume around 500 gallons of fuel per year – give or take. But a big rig could easily consume around 20,000 gallons. (That’s 40 times more, fyi). The speed a truck is travelling also plays a role: for example, a truck travelling at 75mph consumes 27% more fuel than one travelling at 65mph.

2 What makes trucks crash?

Before anti-lock brakes were made compulsory in trucks, incidents of jack-knifing were far higher. These days, the most dangerous crashes are when a truck rolls over. These crashes don’t happen often, but when they do it is generally because the truck has travelled over a loose surface and the driver overcorrects the steering.

3 How many women drive trucks?

In the UK, around 1% of trucker are women, in the US that figure is more like 6%. Wherever you go in the world, women truck drivers are a minority. Which is a shame, because the stats show us they are better drivers than their male counterparts.

4 What items are transported the most?

The most common groups of products that are transported around the world are:

  •         Food, drink and tobacco
  •         Agriculture, forestry and fishing products
  •         Clothing
  •         Building materials
  •         Vehicles
  •         Hazardous substances

5 Should we be getting excited about Tesla?

Elon Musk is something of a laughing stock – especially around some of his comments about AI. He’s a man who’s happy to court controversy and has made more than his share of mistakes, but he’s doing a lot in the electric vehicle space. And the thing we have to remember is that there’s definitely a place for electric vehicles – Tesla or otherwise in the world. He’s not trying to replace one with the other, but thinks there is space for both. We hate to say it, but on this, he’s right.

Got any facts about the trucking industry that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them.

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