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3 of the all-time best trucking movies to watch

3 of the all-time best trucking movies to watch

There’s something about truck drivers and their trucks that’s appealed to certain film makers.

The possibilities are endless. The struggling truck driver trying to turn his life around. The straight-laced trucker who gets caught up in the criminal underworld of trucking. Or what about the wronged truck driver who is out to get revenge by any means necessary? All classic film storylines, but with a trucking twist to them…

Some might argue that a trucker watching a film about trucking is too much like a busman’s holiday. For others, there’s something deeply comforting about watching something that’s so familiar, yet still provides that sense of escape. (FYI: we’re talking about the familiarity of life on the road rather than the familiarity of criminals, corruption and revenge…

Anyway, here’s our pick of three of the must-see trucking movies out there.

Joy Ride

If you fancy a thriller, then Joy Ride is one to watch. The storyline sounds innocent enough: three college friends taking a road trip together. However, when they decide to play prank on a trucker over CB radio, things take a more sinister turn. The trucker takes umbrage and the three heroes suddenly find themselves being pursued by a villian who never gives up. To add to the tension, you never actually see him, you only hear his voice and see his truck. With believable characters and nerve-racking action scenes, this is the kind of horror film that will scare you and make you chuckle in equal measure. 

Black Dog

Patrick Swayze plays a moody ex-convict truck driver who’s trying to make a fresh start in life. Struggling to support his family, he’s on the look-out for ways to earn extra cash. He’s desperate, so when his boss offers him a driving job, he agrees. Only thing is, he’s lost his license to operate big rigs and the job is delivering a cargo of stolen weapons. Unsurprisingly, the plan doesn’t go smoothly and he finds himself being chased by rival gunrunners, his family is taken hostage and he comes face-to-face with a hard-to-kill villain. Very familiar and extremely exciting, this film redefines the term ‘road rage’. Oh, and Meatloaf makes an appearance as a Bible-quoting baddy.

Maximum Overdrive

Written and directed by Stephen King, this is a horror film like no other. When the world’s technology turns evil after a radiation storm, humans become the targets. A group of murderous trucks start picking off the survivors who have to work together to figure out a way to overcome these vehicles that have ‘come to life’.  King himself has described the film as a ‘moron movie’. But don’t let that put you off! Aside from the absurdity of it all, there’s a deeper message about our over-reliance on technology and how pervasive it is in our lives. King’s favourite band, AC/DC also features on the soundtrack.

Getting the popcorn ready for a night in? Here are five other trucking movies we can’t get enough of.


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