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5 reasons truck driver leave their jobs

5 reasons truck driver leave their jobs

The trucking industry has a problem. Well, it has lots of problems, but for this article we’re talking about early leaving.

Research by Stay Metrics tells us that 35% of drivers quit their jobs within the first 90 days of starting. Not ideal. Researchers found that age didn’t have anything to do with it, instead it was to do with how drivers felt about their recruiters and dispatchers.

Surprisingly, drivers who quit after a few months were more likely to recommend the company to other drivers compared to those who stay with a company for a year or more.

Let’s have a look at some of the other reasons drivers decide they’ve had enough of a trucking job. Why do truck drivers quit?

1 Poor pay

Top of the list – no surprises here – truck driver pay and benefits. The majority of drivers quit their job in search of better wages. What’s the top paying truck driving job? Forgive me, that’s clearly a trick question.

2 Time away from home

Another biggie – the amount of time drivers spend on the road and away from their friends and family. This is such a big priority that we find even though money is a motivating factor to leave, more people end up quitting because they want more time at home.

3 Clashing with supervisors

As the saying goes – people leave people, not companies. If a driver doesn’t get on well with their manager, that doesn’t make for great working conditions. If a company can nurture good relationships between drivers and their supervisors, drivers are more likely to stick around.

4 Issues with schedules

When drivers aren’t getting dispatched or scheduled the way they’d like, this can end up with them seeking alternative employment. This is easy to solve with the right technology which can streamline the process and keep everyone happier.

5 Unfair pay

Yup, we’re back to pay again. This time it is when drivers are not paid for waiting time or other duties. The more frequently it happens, the more a driver will get frustrated and end up quitting. What do truckers want? To be treated fairly, it’s not much to ask…

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why truck drivers quit. Retirement, a change of pace or health reasons are just a few not included in the list above. These are all things that companies looking for drivers need to deal with.

There are lots of good things about a career in trucking. But sometimes, when the bad outweighs the good, that leaves one option. A move to pastures new.

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