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5 trucking apps you need in 2020

5 trucking apps you need in 2020

The more eagle-eyed among you may notice this isn’t the first time we’ve suggested must-have apps for truckers. But tech waits for no-one, so we wanted to give you an updated list of mobile trucking apps to make life on the road that little bit more manageable.

Next time you’re looking for your fastest route, make sure you’ve got at least one of these apps for truck drivers on your phone.

Best apps for getting from A to B

Truck Parking Europe

We all know how frustrating it can be to get to a truck parking stop after a long day on the road only to find all the spaces are taken. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Truck Parking Europe allows drivers to book a space in advance, choosing a spot based on preferences and seeing what other drivers have to say. This app gives you access to more than 34,000 truck stops across Europe, and you can filter your search based on size, security, comfort and facilities.

Bans for Trucks

Every trucker knows to plan a route that bypasses road bans or restrictions for heavy goods vehicles. But why do all the hard work yourself, when you can get an application to do it for you? Bans for Trucks searches for all temporary and permanent truck bans on your route and currently covers 40 countries across Europe. Easy to use and full of detailed info, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before it.

Best apps for getting the job done faster


The Clearscan app allows you to immediately scan a document, receipt or timesheet and share it instantly with customers, colleagues, and managers. Forwarding copies is straightforward – as is keeping a record of what you have sent and accessing documents wherever you are. Scanned images are clear, bright and easy to read. It’s a good one to have to hand.


If you find yourself getting easily distracted behind the wheel, then Fleetsafer is the app for you. Using GPS technology, it knows when you are driving and prevents all calls, messages and emails from coming through. Described as the ultimate risk management tool, it is designed to let you focus on the road and stick to company mobile devices policies.

Best all-in-one apps


Combining lots of different tools, Trucker is great if you want to minimise the number of apps you have on your phone. Plan where you’ll park, check what’s on offer at the next service station, see real-time traffic updates, get bad weather notifications, and rate your own experiences.


A relatively new addition on the trucker app scene, Intruck is growing in popularity. Another app that offers truck drivers everything they need in one handy place, use it to carry out daily checks, find, book and pay for parking spaces along your route, and check out truck site facilities before you get there.

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