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5G smart roads are coming

HGV operators can now use longer cabs and aerodynamic features in a bid to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

The 5G road concept could soon become a reality.

Finland and China are expected to have functioning smart roads in the coming few years, and the UK government has prioritised the rollout of 5G services.

According to the EU’s 5G Action Plan for Europe, one major city in every member state will have 5G by 2020 and all major road networks will be covered by 2025.

5G roads won’t look much different to what we’re used to, but they will totally change the way we think about transport networks. The difference is that they will have lots of sensors and smart devices to enable real-time interaction between roads and vehicles.

Traffic lights, traffic flow and congestion will all be controlled through automated machine learning and AI. 5G will also allow drivers to receive alerts from other smart road users.

5G will also make the roads safer. We could see drones carrying out road surveillance, structural surveys and acting as speed cameras. And electric vehicle drivers could navigate the best route to their next charging point based on the amount of charge they have left. 

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