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6 things truck drivers should remember in a pandemic

6 things truck drivers should remember in a pandemic

In the current global Covid-19 pandemic, truck drivers are on the frontline, so safety is the number one priority.

Whether driving long or short distances, reducing the risk of infection and transmission in a truck driver’s routine is vital. The Covid-19 virus can live on hard surfaces for a number of hours, so you need to stay on your guard.

Here are six safety tips truck drivers should consider during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

1 Personal protective equipment (PPE)

When interacting with other people, always wear a mask. If a mask is not available, a scarf or bandana can be used as a makeshift mask. You might also choose to wear sunglasses to help protect your face further.

The jury is out on disposable gloves. Although they can be useful at the petrol pump, using them properly isn’t easy and you could end up spreading germs rather than protecting yourself from them. Instead, keep a hand sanitiser with you at all times and use it regularly.

2 Use a card to pay

If possible, avoid using cash to pay for items. Even without the Covid-19 pandemic, cash is not clean. Instead, use a card or make contactless payments with a card or smartphone.

When getting petrol, try to use a self-service pump. If you do need to pay at the desk, maintain social distancing and pay by card.

3 Eating meals

If ever there was a good time for truck drivers to kick start that health drive with home-made sarnies, it’s now. However, if making your own food isn’t an option, order your meals to go, rather than eating them inside.

If you’re buying food and drink from a shop, try to buy more than you need to reduce the number of times you go into shops.

4 Sharing facilities with other truck drivers

You’ll need to use public toilets and showers when driving long distances. When you do, the Covid-19 pandemic means you should take a few additional precautions. 

You might want to use tissues when opening and closing doors, if not, just make sure you give your hands a really good wash whenever you can. Avoid using hand dryers as these can help spread contamination – stick with paper towels or the ‘flick-dry’ method.

When using showers, you might want to wear flip flops or shower shoes. And don’t forget your bottles of shampoo and shower gel – reduced staff numbers may mean restocking happens less frequently than usual.

5 Sleeping

Clearly, the best place to nap is inside your cab, but if you need to sleep elsewhere, think about taking your own sheet, cover and pillow case. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

6 Signs and symptoms

Not everyone shows symptoms when they contract Covid-19, but many do. Knowing the signs will help ensure you get the medical assistance you need in plenty of time and avoid spreading the virus. 

If you suspect you have contracted the virus, or have come into contact with another truck driver or individual displaying symptoms, self-isolate and follow the advice on the NHS website.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down and changed how we will live our lives in the future. Taking a cautious approach to work on the frontline is vital.

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But more importantly, stay safe, people.


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