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8 road safety tips for truckers

8 road safety tips for truckers

We all know that driver error is the main cause of road accidents. And we all do what we can to stay safe.

However, sometimes accidents are beyond our control. 

Here are eight simple driving safety tips that are easy to follow and could prevent an accident.

1 Don’t drive when you’re drowsy

Driving when you’re tired can be as dangerous as driving after you’ve had a drink or two. Avoid at all costs!

2 Take regular breaks

Be aware of the warning signs and pull over for a break before you get too tired. If you feel your eyelids drooping, you probably should have taken a break already.

3 Keep your distance

An obvious one, but something that can be easy to forget. Make sure you give other vehicles plenty of room on the road and don’t tailgate. Trucks take longer to stop, so if a car ahead brakes suddenly you’ll need the room to stop safely.

4 Be extra vigilant on bridges

When the weather is cold, remember that bridges freeze faster than roads. Be extra careful when driving across bridges in freezing conditions and remember they could be slippery under-tyre.

5 Be aware of medication side effects

If you’re finding that chesty cough hard to shift it’s worth remembering that certain types of cough medicine can impact your driving reactions. Avoid any medication that could make you drowsy.

6 Keep supplies in the cab

If you do get stuck in bad weather, you’ll want to be prepared. Keep supplies such as blankets, water and non-perishable snacks in the cab.

7 Always wear a seatbelt

It can feel safer behind the wheel of a truck compared to other vehicles, but you must wear a seatbelt at all times. If you do get into an accident, you’ll be glad you buckled up – especially if the truck ends up rolling.

8 Be aware of your surroundings

Unless you are aware of everything around you, it is easy for accidents to happen – particularly when it comes to reversing. Before you back up, walk around the truck checking for any potential obstacles.

Stay safe out there!

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