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90mph in a truck? You’re kidding me

90mph in a truck? You’re kidding me

A truck driver caught driving at nearly 90mph on a UK road has been given a suspended jail sentence and banned from driving.

The truck, which was overtaking a car at 89mph on a downhill stretch of a road, was caught by a police speed detection van in Cumbria.

The truck was fitted with a 56mph limiter, yet still managed to travel at almost 30mph above the legal top speed for that vehicle on the A-road before the driver applied the brakes.

Fortunately, the truck’s electronic stability control (designed to limit the loss of control) kicked in. If it hadn’t, there was a risk the vehicle could have jack-knifed.

Speaking about his regret for the situation, the truck driver said that it was 11 seconds of madness that he wished had never happened.

He was banned from driving for one year and will have to take an extended retest.

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