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The ideal trucker companion: a dog’s life on the road

The ideal trucker companion: a dog’s life on the road

With long journeys and even longer days, life as a trucker can feel lonely. If only you had
someone to talk to…

Enter your four-legged friend.

Trucking with a dog by your side can make for a more interesting, safer and happier ride.
Although saying that, taking a dog to work with you (whatever your profession) is not a decision to take lightly.

Here’s what you need to know before you decide to take your pet along for the ride…

What’s the perfect trucker dog?

Common sense says you can’t have a dog that’s too big in the cab with you. Aside from the issue of space, you don’t want the windows to be permanently covered in condensation. Saying that, you probably don’t want one that’s too small. A pooch that weighs no more than 50 pounds, has short hair (less cab de-hairing required) and is a bit on the lazy side (i.e. doesn’t need constant exercise) is ideal.

How to pet-proof your truck

First up, train your dog to stay away from the gear stick and not to get under your feet. Give them a designated spot in the cab where they’ll feel safe and comfy. It’s also wise to keep any important items out of sight and/or reach of your pet. And always have water available for your dog to drink – especially in hot weather.

What does a dog need for a life on the road?

It doesn’t take much to keep your dog content: food, treats and toys. Have them in constant supply and everyone’s happy. You also need to have a lead, doggy bags, cleaning supplies and extra blankets handy. Don’t forget to pop your dog’s registration and vaccination documents in the glove box, just in case you need them.

The benefits of taking a dog to work

Did you know? Dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They are also less stressed than non-dog owners. According to research, spending just 15 minutes with your dog can significantly lift your mood. Owning a dog can also really help people with depression. Plus, it makes you get out of the cab and go for a walk every day.

Of course, you can’t just assume you can have a dog with you when you’re working. Make
sure you check company policy before you load your dog into the cab. Then, all that’s left to
do is wind down the windows and enjoy the ride…

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