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A third of serious injuries caused by road accidents

Government's plan to extend lorry driver hours is not solving the problem and is dangerous, warns Unite.

New research has revealed that a high proportion of the UK population have been seriously injured in road traffic accidents.
The research showed that 32% of adults who had sustained a serious injury (broken bones or spinal damage) had done so in a road accident.
Younger drivers were more likely to be involved in a crash compared to older drivers – 56% and 17%, respectively. And men were more likely to be injured than women – 36% of men had suffered a serious injury in a traffic accident compared to 25% of women.
The study, carried out by Fletchers Serious Injury, also concluded that many people injured in a road accident are unwilling to claim compensation.
Speaking about the findings, Adrian Denson, chief legal officer at Fletchers Serious Injury, explained: “When you suffer a serious injury following a non-fault road traffic accident, there are many things that can suddenly become vitally important to you – and seeking compensation is only one of those things.”

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