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Abbey Logistics tanker fleet is boosted with New Generation DAF XFs

Abbey Logistics tanker fleet is boosted with New Generation DAF XFs

Bulk powder and liquid specialist, Abbey Logistics, has taken delivery of seven New Generation DAF XF 450 FTP tractor units, as part of its ongoing fleet replenishment programme. 

The new trucks continue the long-standing relationship between DAF Trucks and Abbey Logistics. Also joining the fleet are four previous generation DAF XFs.

Abbey Logistics is the UK’s largest transport provider of bulk liquid and bulk powder food, and their new trucks will serve some of the UK’s and Europe’s key food producers. 

They join an existing fleet of around 350 tractor units and nearly 700 purpose-designed tankers.

‘A successful fleet truck’

Dave Patten, the managing director at Abbey Logistics, said: “A successful fleet truck is one that our drivers will take great pride in operating. 

“It needs to be safe, comfortable and spec’d to a high standard with the right equipment and facilities a driver would need when out on the road.”

He added: “We believe that DAF’s New Generation trucks are some of the highest quality vehicles on the market today, so we are pleased to be amongst the first UK operators to add them to our fleet.

“DAF has also proven itself to be a manufacturer of reliable, trustworthy and dependable trucks that we can have the utmost confidence in to deliver time and time again on behalf of our customers.”

Exceptional customer service from DAF

Mr Patten says that his company enjoys exceptional customer service from DAF and the supplying dealer, North West Trucks.

Though it is too early for Abbey Logistics to provide any real-world economy data, the firm is confident that the New Generation XFs will bring substantial increases in overall efficiency. 

Mr Patten said: “Like any fleet operator, economy and efficiency is important, and our DAF trucks have always been able to balance outstanding performance with a competitive miles-per-gallon figure. 

“The New Generation XF promises to be a major step-up over the older models, so we’re excited to see the results for ourselves.”

DAF XFs are fitted with the all-new DAF Digital Vision System

Abbey Logistics’ new DAF XFs are fitted with the all-new DAF Digital Vision System, which replaces the main and wide-angle door mirrors with retractable roof-mounted cameras and in-cab screens.

The system provides outstanding visibility in all weather conditions and provides access to a few additional features, such as auto-panning and an extra-wide-angle view.

Mr Patten said: “We always engage our drivers when we plan to make a notable change to our fleet.

“They are the people behind the wheel day in, day out, so it’s important for us to gain their perspective on what they are looking for from a new model of truck.”

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