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AE Spinks takes delivery of a new Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Yorkshire-based AE Spinks has taken delivery of an all-new Mercedes-Benz Arocs as business to continues to boom.

AE Spinks has once again turned to their Northside Truck & Van customer for their new eight-wheel Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3248 which has been teamed with a detachable trailer unit and MirrorCam technology.

The truck has a ClassicSpace S-cab and a 12.8-litre, 476 hp ‘straight-six engine.

The dropside body is by Truck Hydraulics of Doncaster, while Micra Truck Bodies, of Wakefield, manufactured the trailer. 

This is the second truck of its kind taken by Spinks in preparation for a busy 2022 and they are also preparing for a further two sister vehicles to be delivered, ensuring they are market leaders, driving towards exceptional customer service.

‘We needed to expand our fleet of vehicles’

AE Spinks’ transport manager, Tony Billam, said: “Following on from what was a busy 2021, we’re fully expecting 2022 to be even busier and that meant we needed to expand our fleet of vehicles to make sure we were ahead of the game.

“We are extremely pleased that Northside could help again.”

He added: “The first truck and trailer unit has been a major success, we’ve been able to operate in a more cost-effective manner, making larger deliveries to more sites across a greater distance. 

“Essentially the vehicle does two jobs in one for us, but with the addition of a second, we will become even more cost effective, which is important to us as a business in these tricky times.”

’16 years in business with Northside Truck & Van’

Mr Billam said: “We’re entering our 16 years in business with Northside Truck & Van, they understand exactly what we need and are extremely approachable. 

“The service we receive from the workshop is equally as strong, I know that if a vehicle goes in overnight, it will be ready the next morning, meaning downtime is kept at a minimum.

“To kick off the new year with a new truck addition to the fleet is a nice start for the business, and we’re hopeful that it will be another excellent year for AE Spinks with three more on their way in the coming months.”

Northside Truck & Van New Truck’s sales executive, Phillip Moorcroft, said: “I’m delighted with how pleased Tony and the rest of the team at AE Spinks are with the truck. 

“It’s the second vehicle of its kind that they now have, so it’s good to see it working for them and the business. It’s also great to see them off to a flying start.”

He added: “They are extremely loyal customers to Northside, and I’m proud to be able to work closely with them and provide them with the best transport options we can.”

AE Spinks has been a leading name in the building trade since 1926, providing tradesmen with building, plumbing and heating products, trading in the Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire regions.

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