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After-treatment could mean zero-emissions diesel engines

After-treatment could mean zero-emissions diesel engines

Internal combustion engines could provide a cheaper, cleaner alternative to electric powertrain technology in trucks.

Thanks to significant advancements in exhaust after treatment and powertrain technology in recent years, diesel and gas-powered HGVs could prove to be the greenest solution for heavy vehicles over the medium term.

Existing technology already allows the reduction of truck emissions equivalent to the levels produced by new passenger cars (Euro 6d-Temp).

Andy Eastlake, managing director at LowCVP stated: “In 2040 there might be a combustion engine that has true zero-emissions.

Internal combustion engines are going to be in play for a long time to come.”

Engineers at truck exhaust specialist Eminox have already produced retrofit kits for older vehicles and are currently working on technology to reduce emissions in new vehicles.

One of the biggest challenges for heavy vehicles is not VOX, but how to achieve Euro VI at lower temperatures in a diesel engine.

Hybrid trucks offer another zero-emissions solution, but the costs haven’t balanced out historically.

Martin Flach, alternative fuels director at Iveco believes by 2040 long-distance road freight will rely on combustion engines, while city freight will use battery power.

For many in the industry, it’s a case of getting on with these changes rather than waiting for regulations and government policies.

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