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Are the penalties for drink driving strong enough?

Are the penalties for drink driving strong enough?

According to a survey by AlcoSense Breathalysers, four out of five motorists believe there should be stricter penalties for drink driving, with more than half of those questioned strongly in favour.

43% of respondents agreed that a lower- or zero-tolerance policy on alcohol levels for drivers should be adopted. The survey, which questioned 2,000 drivers who drink alcohol at least once a week also revealed that 35% said fines should be calculated as a percentage of the offending driver’s salary.

Just less than a third believe interlocks (devices that immobilise vehicles if alcohol is detected on the driver’s breath) should be fitted on cars of every motorist convicted of drink driving.

Nearly 30% of those questioned felt that police should carry out more breathalysing and introduce random testing. Others were in support of a more extreme approach, suggesting cars should be confiscated from drivers who are caught over the limit, with the car being sold to fund road safety campaigns and support victims of road accidents.

Hunter Abbott, MD of AlcoSense Breathalysers stated: “It seems the public now agree that more needs to be done to stamp out drink-driving.”

How effective are drink driving campaigns? Do you think they change motorists attitudes to driving whilst under the influence?

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  1. The problem isn’t that the penalties aren’t tough enough it’s that there aren’t enough police officers on the streets to catch drunk drivers!


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