Author: Chris

DAF unveils new XF, XG and XG+ trucks

Truck maker DAF has unveiled its impressive new generation of XF, XG and XG+ trucks for the market.

Dart crossing: Dart charge information and ways to pay

we’ve put together a definitive guide on everything you need to know about Dart Charge pay methods so you can sidestep those costly punishments.

Schmitz Cargobull announces new UK factory

One of Europe’s best-known maker of semi-trailers, Schmitz Cargobull, has unveiled ambitious plans for a new factory in Manchester, UK.

RHA reveals plans to combat driver shortage

Driver recruitment in the UK is reaching a crisis point – and now the Road Haulage Association want the Government to do something about it.

Goodyear teams up with ZF for fleet management

A new fleet management tool has been unveiled by Goodyear and tech outfit ZF to help fleets keep moving.

‘Zoom zombies’ a menace on the road

The coronavirus pandemic may have led to fewer vehicles on the road over the past year, but driving could be more dangerous than ever.

2021 European Truck Racing Championships – Round 1 Hungaroring

The 2021 FIA European Truck Racing Championship commences its season with the opening rounds being held at the Hungaroring circuit this weekend.

Paying the Dart Charge: FAQs

Got questions about how to pay the Dart Charge?

Covid-19 testing for lorry drivers entering UK

New coronavirus rules applying to hauliers from outside the UK has come into effect on 6 April.

Dart Charge payments: Are you owed money?

Nearly 78,000 drivers who pay the Dart Charge might be in line for a refund after accounts were automatically closed due to inactivity.

£1 million stuck in Dart Charge accounts

More than £1 million is sitting in unused Dart Charge payment accounts after the coronavirus pandemic left accounts inactive.

RHA: More than teething problems, Brexit is hitting UK exports hard

The UK’s haulage industry has warned that the disruption to Britain’s trade is not going away.