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90mph in a truck? You’re kidding me

A truck driver caught driving at nearly 90mph on a UK road has been given a suspended jail sentence and banned from driving.

Fleet Speak took over Convoy in the Park

In August at Donington Park in the UK, Fleet Speak attended Convoy in the Park – a celebration of all things trucks.

Are silent overnight deliveries the way forward

Trucks are usually banned from driving through Stockholm’s city centre at night – they’re too noisy. That means heavy vehicles end up adding to the morning congestion in the rush to get deliveries where they need to be.

Crank it up!

Pulling tarps, cranking gears, and shifting freight. Plenty of people would baulk at the idea, but for truckers it’s just one part of the job.

The ideal trucker companion: a dog’s life on the road

With long journeys and even longer days, life as a trucker can feel lonely. If only you had someone to talk to… Enter your four-legged friend.

Should the highway code be taught in schools?

Should pupils be taught the highway code as part of the school curriculum? It’s an interesting question, and it seems logical that such a move would improve knowledge among young drivers and make the roads safer.

A world without truckers? It would be pretty dire…

The latest report from logistics market research company Ti shows that Europe’s road freight sector saw its fastest growth rate of 4.5% in real terms since 2009. Figures published in the European Road Freight Transport report also show that this momentum looks set to continue. Europe, like so many other regions around the globe, is heavily reliant on trucking, so it’s hard to imagine the effects i...

Heavy-duty truck orders down

Orders for heavy-duty trucks fell to the lowest level for 18 months in January. According to data from ACT Research, the industry saw a 68% drop in 15,800 Class 8 trucks compared to orders placed 12 months before.

Ban on truckers in Poland

The Philippine Embassy has again urged a ban on the deployment of Filipinos for work in Poland’s road transport sector.

Driver training doesn’t have to be in a classroom

The internet removes a range of physical barriers – and this is seen in all industries.

More women behind the wheel, please

Across the industry, just 9% of truck drivers are women. At a time when haulage companies are struggling to fill the driver shortage, the solution seems clear.

Truck makers become less critical of EU’s CO2 regs

Truck makers have toned down their criticism of Europe’s regulation on CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Did they have a change of heart? Perhaps, but it was more likely to be the result of mounting pressure from regulators.

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