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Go left: Motorway safety campaign launched by Highways England

A new campaign designed to encourage drivers to ‘go left’ if they break down on the motorway has been launched by Highways England.

The difference between HGV, LGV, rigid, artic and road train: What’s best for the job?

What do you call yours? Do you drive a lorry, truck, rigid lorry, HGV, or LGV? What’s the difference anyway?

HGV drivers urged to stay alert in face of rising cargo crime

HGV drivers are being urged to remain vigilant as the number of cargo thefts continues to rise.

Become an HGV driver faster with these interview tips

Wondering how to become an HGV driver? As well as finding HGV driving jobs and getting your licence, you’ll also need to navigate a job interview. It can be a nerve-racking experience, but with lots of preparation, you can become an HGV driver faster than you think.

What happens if I am driving without tax on my truck?

Tax must be paid on virtually all vehicles that are registered in the UK – and that includes HGVs. However, not all drivers are following the rules, some are driving without tax. According to data from the Department of Transport, the number of untaxed vehicles on UK roads has trebled since paper tax discs were scrapped in 2014. How to tax an HGV? For lorries that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes when l...

Common injuries from a truck accident

When you drive for a living, it’s important that you understand road safety. Not just for your own safety as a truck driver, but also for the safety of those around you. When talking about accidents, there are huge differences between a car and a truck – not least that a truck is much larger and heavier than a car. As a result, there are also huge differences between what happens when either one i...

Drivers send more than 35 dashcam videos to police every day

For years, other people’s bad driving was something we’ve had to grin and bear. But then dashcams appeared on the scene. According to research by consumer car mag WhatCar? vigilante motorists are sending more than 35 dashcam videos to the police every day. The data revealed that more than 52,000 pieces of footage had been submitted in the UK since 2017. The figures, which were gathered via a freed...

3 of the all-time best trucking movies to watch

There’s something about truck drivers and their trucks that’s appealed to certain film makers. The possibilities are endless. The struggling truck driver trying to turn his life around. The straight-laced trucker who gets caught up in the criminal underworld of trucking. Or what about the wronged truck driver who is out to get revenge by any means necessary? All classic film storylines, but with a...

‘Intelligent’ mapping service planned to create safer roads

Vehicle-mounted image recognition technology is being used on Britain’s roads to create ‘intelligent’ maps of roadside assets.

4 trucking scams (and how to avoid them)

here’s a list of five trucking scams – and more importantly, how to avoid them…

Guide to the HGV road user levy

Every HGV driven in the UK is subject to the HGV road user levy.

Latest information for HGV drivers driving between the UK and Europe

There are temporary testing facilities at Hull Port and Humberside Airport, however, the advice is to get tested before arriving at a port to avoid delays.