Author: Emma

The price of diesel has fallen, but it’s taken a corona virus for that to happen

The price of fuel has fallen dramatically because there is less demand for the resource across China as the country struggles to contain the coronavirus.

Coronavirus creating a new headache for trucking

The coronavirus, which started in the Hubei province of China, is causing disruption to the global supply chain.

What causes road rage? And how to control it

Driving can be bloody awful.

The importance of proper alignment of truck tyres

Whether you operate one truck or a fleet of them, you want to feel confident that your vehicles are getting the best fuel mileage and the least tyre wear possible.

Amazon’s xmas ad is super happy. But what about the dark side of the delivery industry?

Christmas is not yet here, but the Christmas ads certainly are.

Truck speed limit change boosts productivity in UK

A UK report claims that allowing vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes to travel 10 mph faster has saved businesses millions a year – and may have improved road safety too.

£1,000 for an air freshener? Errr….

How many of you have an air freshener hanging from your cab’s rear-view mirror? Or maybe you’re more of a fluffy dice person? If you’re working as a truck driver in the UK, you may find that a dangling air freshener could land you with a £1,000 fine and three points on your licence. A new crackdown by police in the UK means that anything from dirty windscreens to badly-placed sat navs and fluffy d...

Starsky Robotics beat others in autonomous vehicle race

A little-known trucking start-up has beaten Tesla and Waymo in the race to run driverless trucks on the open road.

The highs and lows of truck racing at Le Mans

Sponsored by  Thelma hit the race track for the last time this year when she competed in the penultimate rounds of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship at the Le Mans Circuit. And what a track to make your 2019 farewell! The Apollo Tyres TOR Truck (aka Thelma), her driver Shane Brereton and the whole racing team had a good weekend, competing in what can only be described as some rather event...

Nintendo announces FIA European Truck Racing Championship

People might not fancy driving a truck in real life, but there’s plenty who are keen to have a go in gaming life.

90mph in a truck? You’re kidding me

A truck driver caught driving at nearly 90mph on a UK road has been given a suspended jail sentence and banned from driving.