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French mayor uses black humour to reduce speeding

The mayor of a French village has taken the issue of speeding into his own hands and created some darkly comedic additions to existing road signs.

Europe’s most dangerous air pollution zones

Air quality is a major concern in Europe’s cities. Diesel vehicles have been identified as the main source of this pollution and Euro standards have been set for vehicle emissions

Driver so drunk he fell from his cab onto motorway

A Polish truck driver was so drunk while driving he fell out of the cab onto the motorway.

Strangest driving laws from around the world

Getting to grips with driving laws in other countries can be hard at the best of times.

Amazon truck gets stuck under railway bridge making residents night sleepless

A HGV got stuck across a narrow road giving a sleepless night to people living in Lichfield. 

Why the EU’s roads are the safest in the world

The latest Road Safety Annual Report has confirmed what many of us already knew – the European Union has the safest road system in the world.

Two-thirds of drivers know when they are over the limit

Recent research reveals that nearly two-thirds of drivers claim they know when they are over the limit.

Why the trucking skills shortage is a ticking time bomb

The labour shortage in the trucking industry is a ticking time bomb, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA)

UK’s most haunted roads

Some people love to hear tales of the supernatural.

7 winter trucking safety tips

Driving a truck in winter requires a specific set of skills – and the bigger the truck, the greater the skill required to drive it. 

Holidays are coming: Coca-Cola Christmas truck near you

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck has come to signal the start of the festive season for many people. Now in its ninth year, the iconic truck is once again touring the UK, finishing at London’s O2 Arena on 15 December. Stopping at various locations across the country, it be complete with sample cans, winter wonderland scenes, photo opportunities and personalised bottles of Coke (to buy). As part of it...