Author: Miriam Cocuzza

A driver’s guide to the TfL congestion charge

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the Transport for London (TfL) congestion charge.

#LoveLogistics: free online wellbeing session for drivers on Wednesday 29th April at 11 am.

As part of our #LoveLogistics campaign, our friends over at Connected2 have set up a free online wellbeing session for drivers on Wednesday 29th April at 11 am.

#LoveLogistics: the movement launched to support logistics essential workers during the covid-19 pandemic

Like every industry, logistics and transportation is facing big changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as with all change, this brings both risk and opportunity.  We’re all well aware just how important logistics is at this challenging time, with workers putting in some serious hours to keep supply chains flowing – often putting themselves at risk. But, we think the sector doesn’t alwa...

Lorry Driver has plead guilty to the manslaughter of 39 people who were found dead in a refrigerated truck in Essex

Lorry driver Maurice ‘Mo’ Robinson is one of the five men charged in connection to the deaths of the 39 Vietnamese people. The bodies of eight females and 31 males were discovered in the trailer attached to his Scania cab in an industrial park in Grays, Essex, early on October 23. Due to the pandemic, the men appeared on court virtually via a video call and they were all charged for as...

The 8 best trucks at Truck Fest

When we heard that Peterborough was hosting the Truck Fest during the early May bank holiday, we couldn’t help but go and check what this Fest was all about. Of course the name “Truck Fest” pretty much gave it away, but we ultimately found ourselves amazed at the assortment of entertainment, displays and vehicles on show. Hence our decision to select, in our opinion, the 7 “Best Looking” t...

What you need to know about TFFPD: the charity organisation for truck drivers

People in the transport community know how hard driving a truck is: long hours to drive ahead, a cold cab as home for the night and away from their families most of the time. Moreover, for some unfortunate drivers, terrible accidents occur while on the road, ending up with life-changing injuries or worse, loss of life. Most of time, when such unfortunate events happen, drivers find themselves unai...

The future of logistics: what happened at Freight in the City 2018

[icegram campaigns=”951″] Climate issues are among the major challenges in our times. As we know, this problem does not affect only sectors such as the agriculture one or the environment one, but also the logistic sector. That is why transport companies always look for new and better ways to reduce the proportion of the emissions and improve air quality.

The story behind the Poppy Truck: exclusive interview

You might have heard or seen a lorry called “The Poppy Truck”, famous for the Union Jack flag painted on its body and poppies on the trailer, to celebrate and remember war veterans. If you don’t know what I am talking about… here’s what it looks like.

Lorry driver stopped on Motorway for using Lucozade bottle as rear indicator light

This is a funny one for sure and hopefully our readers wouldn’t do anything like this.   A truck was stopped by the police the other day due to one of its indicator lights catching their attention. Let’s just say, it was unusual! The HGV on the M62 near Bradford had its indicator light replaced with a Lucozade bottle, yes exactly, the energy drink you used to drink when you were a kid and unwell. ...