Author: Simon

EU sets up ‘green lanes’ to ease freight congestion during coronavirus

The European Commission has issued instructions on how to reduce bottlenecks at border crossings, deploying new ‘green lanes’ designed to keep road freight moving during the coronavirus outbreak.

Just one person died on Oslo’s roads last year

Only one person died as a result of traffic accidents in Oslo in 2019.

Gas-powered trucks not as good for the environment as claimed

Remember when truck makers told us liquified natural gas (LNG)-powered trucks were better for the environment than diesel trucks? 

Eddie Stobart: Rescue deal saves iconic British truck company

The collapse of UK trucking company Eddie Stobart has been averted following shareholder approval of a £55 million bailout.

Cattle truck becomes vehicle for animal liberation

We’ve all seen some strange things on the road, but a herd of cows making a run for it?

5 trucking apps you need in 2020

The more eagle-eyed among you may notice this isn’t the first time we’ve suggested must-have apps for truckers.

8 road safety tips for truckers

We all know that driver error is the main cause of road accidents.

4 benefits of having your pet on the road

Did you see the story about a trucker being reunited with his feline travelling companion, after five months of being apart?

Truck driver gets takeaway delivered through cab window

What happens when you need to eat, but aren’t able to stop?

Trucker hailed a hero

A truck driver has been hailed a hero after stopping under a bridge in Dublin in an attempt to save a young woman who appeared to be about to jump.

Sexy number plates row

A new number plate has got some road users a bit hot under the collar.

Trucker shortages in the EU: it’s a growing problem

The driver shortage in Europe is a real – and growing – threat.