Author: Simon

Overhaul of road policing required, urges Logistics UK

Industry Group Logistics UK has called for an overhaul of how the UK’s roads are policed, suggesting that the system should be operated on a national basis to ensure consistency. This comes after a joint review into road policing by the Home Office and Department for Transport (DfT). Speaking about this, head of road freight regulation policy at Logistics UK James Firth said the business group was...

Old HGV tyres used to repair potholes

Could old tyres be the answer to the UK’s pothole problem? Infrastructure support company Amey thinks so. Teaming up with manufacturer Roadmender Asphalt, the company has created a new rubber-modified road surfacing material that’s made from old tyres. Trials, which are taking place in Sheffield, have already shown that the mastic asphalt-based material is durable and could speed up road repairs s...

How to become an HGV driver in the UK?

Working as an HGV driver has its share of highs and lows. It can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be utterly infuriating. But that can be said about the majority of jobs, right? So don’t let that put you off. Working as an HGV driver isn’t going to be the right job for everyone. For one thing, you’ve got to really like driving. You also need to be patient, self-motivated, have an eye for sa...

How to tell if someone has a drinking problem

Think you know how to spot someone with a drinking problem? Sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. Lots of people talk about the UK’s drinking culture – we drink to relax, to socialise and to spend time in our local pub. But, we all drink in different ways and to different degrees, which can make spotting a drinking problem in someone else a challenge. According to research, Brits get drunk more ...

Mega-lorries would mean greener logistics

The government’s proposal to increase the maximum weight of HGVs to 48 tonnes is being seen as a positive move towards greener road haulage. It will also help progress the conversation about how the logistics sector reduces its carbon emissions and costs. The introduction of longer trailers would certainly reduce the number of commercial vehicles on UK roads – a positive step for the environment. ...

Strange lorry road sign bewilders some drivers

It seems that not all signs need to appear in the Highway Code before they make it onto UK roads. A road sign that has been spotted on some of the UK’s routes has left some drivers scratching their heads about what it could mean. The rectangular sign shows an image of a satellite sitting above a lorry (with a diagonal red line through it) placed on a blue background.  The image was recently shared...

Drink drive limits: Do you have a toxic relationship with booze?

Everyone knows the penalties for drinking and driving include hefty fines and imprisonment, and can lead to death. Yet a worrying number of drivers are still caught behind the wheel when they’re over the drinking limit for driving.

What do trucking companies think of England’s roads?

A new survey has revealed that less than half of companies running trucks on England’s motorways and A-roads feel they meet their business needs.

Truck chaos at Dover a “national embarrassment”

The situation we saw at Dover over the Christmas period was a “national embarrassment” and “must not be repeated.”

Men three times more likely to speed than women

When it comes to driving, there are all sorts of gender stereotypes. Women are safer drivers, men are better drivers, and young male drivers are more prone to breaking drink driving rules…

Exploitation of truck drivers: a problem that’s just getting worse

The global logistics system found itself under increasing pressure resulting in non-EU truck drivers being exploited.

Queues of 7,000 trucks, warns leaked report

A leaked government document warns that the UK could soon see queues of 7,000 trucks in Kent with HGV drivers waiting two days to reach the border.