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Driverless truck let loose on Sweden’s roads

A driverless delivery truck is being used on public roads in Sweden.

4 fixes to the truck driver shortage

The truck driver shortage is not just an industry problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

New tech for trucking presents a real challenge

There’s one question on everyone’s lips – from owner-operator to large fleet. What’s the best way to select and adopt new technology.

Why New Yorkers are snitching on truck drivers

Last year, New York launched a scheme allowing members of the public to report idling trucks and buses.

Do I need legal advice as a truck driver?

As the manager of a fleet, it is nearly unavoidable to come across a legal issue whether it’s related to health and safety, commercial contracts, employment or a legal dispute. But what about legal advice for truckers?  While a truck driver hopefully doesn’t need a lawyer very often, it is still very useful to be up-to-date on the latest truck drivers’ rights and obligations. You can find a lot of...

A truck driver salary: How much do lorry drivers earn?

In general, truck drivers earn between £23,000 and £40,000 per year in the UK with the average being between £25,000 and £30,000.

Speed limiters could soon be mandatory for all vehicles

Trucks are fitted with speed limiters to make the roads safer, so why not other vehicles as well?

Boost to EU road transport connectivity

20 years ago, no one was entertaining the idea of vehicles talking to one another.

5 most annoying driving habits

Jeez. What is it with drivers?

Off-the-shelf trucks from Mercedes

The WorkReady programme from Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides operators with off-the-shelf trucks at very short notice.

Long-range camera catches drivers 1km away

It’s a common sight: motorists travelling too fast on the motorway and slamming on their brakes when they see a police car.

Trucker shortage spreading across Europe

The trucker shortage is now spreading across Europe at an alarming rate, says a report from the International Road Haulage Union (IRU).

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