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10 trucking myths

Being a truck driver is far from simple. But it’s made even harder when the rumour mill is in overdrive and people start believing the myths they hear about the profession.

Apollo Truck’s grand finale at Le Mans

Apollo Tyres’ TOR Truck Racing MAN truck (aka Thelma) hopes to go out on a high when the team competes in the penultimate rounds of the European Truck Racing Championship.

More women are getting behind the wheel

We all know what the stereotypical truck driver looks like, but as more women get behind the wheel, it’s time our perceptions changed.

Being a trucker and keeping your diet healthy

There are many challenges to keep a healthy lifestyle in any walk of life.

10,000 beer bottles spill from truck onto road

A German truck driver spilt 10,000 bottles of beer while driving in the southwest of the country.

4 trucking YouTubers to watch

There’s nothing you can’t find on YouTube. Ever wondered if a slice of pizza will flush down the loo? There’s a YouTube video for that.

Trucks are getting longer – and that’s a good thing

The road haulage industry needs to reduce its CO2 emissions and the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has a plan.

Driverless truck let loose on Sweden’s roads

A driverless delivery truck is being used on public roads in Sweden.

4 fixes to the truck driver shortage

The truck driver shortage is not just an industry problem, it’s everyone’s problem.

New tech for trucking presents a real challenge

There’s one question on everyone’s lips – from owner-operator to large fleet. What’s the best way to select and adopt new technology.

Why New Yorkers are snitching on truck drivers

Last year, New York launched a scheme allowing members of the public to report idling trucks and buses.

Do I need legal advice as a truck driver?

As the manager of a fleet, it is nearly unavoidable to come across a legal issue whether it’s related to health and safety, commercial contracts, employment or a legal dispute. But what about legal advice for truckers?  While a truck driver hopefully doesn’t need a lawyer very often, it is still very useful to be up-to-date on the latest truck drivers’ rights and obligations. You can find a lot of...

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