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5 European electric truck startups hoping to challenge Tesla’s Semi

Regular trucks may still be common on our roads right now, in the future they will be replaced by more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Volvo Group and Samsung work together to develop electric truck batteries

Volvo Group and Samsung have joined forces to develop battery packs for Volvo’s electric trucks.

Wear shades, stay safe

Drivers who don’t wear sunglasses when the sun is shining could be inadvertently putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Trucker watching porn moments before deadly crash

A truck who hit and killed a highway worker was watching porn on his phone moments before the crash.

Female truckers – on a road and app near you

There was a time when it was highly unusual to see a woman behind the wheel of a truck.

Lorry mayhem in towns – calls for offenders to be targeted

The idea of people complaining about lorries in nothing new.

6 spooky trucking tales

All truck drivers have a few tales to tell.

10 trucking myths

Being a truck driver is far from simple. But it’s made even harder when the rumour mill is in overdrive and people start believing the myths they hear about the profession.

Apollo Truck’s grand finale at Le Mans

Apollo Tyres’ TOR Truck Racing MAN truck (aka Thelma) hopes to go out on a high when the team competes in the penultimate rounds of the European Truck Racing Championship.

More women are getting behind the wheel

We all know what the stereotypical truck driver looks like, but as more women get behind the wheel, it’s time our perceptions changed.

Being a trucker and keeping your diet healthy

There are many challenges to keep a healthy lifestyle in any walk of life.

10,000 beer bottles spill from truck onto road

A German truck driver spilt 10,000 bottles of beer while driving in the southwest of the country.

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