Author: Simon

Research reveals pandemic effect on road freight turnover

European road freight companies are expected to see a 17% decrease in annual turnover this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, according to industry estimates. 

“Logistics remains vital” to rebuilding the economy

Lockdown is easing and non-essential shops are re-opening – but what does all this mean for lorry drivers and the road freight sector?

Warning over “added risk” as drivers return to the road

Let’s be honest, the roads have been a dream during lockdown. With such little traffic on the road, it’s never been easier to reach your drop-offs on time – perhaps even ahead of time.

Unemployment could hit haulage industry hard, report predicts

While the industry has been praised by the government for ensuring Britain is “fuelled and fed, almost half (46%) of haulier’s lorries in the UK have been taken off the road since the coronavirus outbreak started.

5 truck driver safety tips

Here are some trucking safety tips to minimise your chances of having an accident while behind the wheel:

In-cab cameras bring significant business benefits for HGV operators

more than half (56%) of HGV operators said they saw improvements in driver behaviour from fitting camera systems in their vehicles.

DAF truck production resumes in Europe

DAF factories that were forced to close because of Covid-19 are reopening across Europe.

How retailers are treating delivery drivers during the pandemic: Amazon

We spoke to one Amazon delivery driver, who was recruited in April, to ask him how he feels he has been treated by the online retail giant throughout the pandemic.

Advice for women wanting to drive a truck for a living

There’s no point trying to dress it up: trucking used to be a man’s game. But, thankfully, things are starting to change.

More female drivers could cut road fatalities, according to research

Transport companies should look to add more women to their workforce to improve safety, according to researchers at the University of Westminster.

European associations highlight transport’s role during global crisis

Transport industry associations across Europe have come together to endorse a series of pledges reinforcing the vital roles being played by transport in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Huge queues at Europe’s borders

Trucks and other vehicles are finding themselves in huge traffic jams (queues of up to 37 miles and 18 hours have been reported) at several EU borders as governments step up their measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.