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Belgian police find 12 people ‘safe and well’ in lorry

A week after UK police launched a murder investigation into the death of 39 people, Belgian police say they have found 12 people “safe and well” in a refrigerated lorry.

Why this trucker is running for Congress

Joshua Collins, a 25-year-old truck driver in the States, has been driving for five years with his wife. He also happens to be running in the Democratic primary election in Washington and believes drivers’ conditions are what led him to do so.

There may never be enough drivers again

Some HGV driver vacancies will never be filled.

What to do about fuel crime?

There were around 25,000 fuel thefts in the UK last year, totalling a loss of roughly £9 million.

sennder raises €62.4 million in funding

sennder, a Berlin-based logistics startup has just raised €62.4 million in a Series C financing round led by Lakestar, with existing investors like venture capital firms Accel, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Project A and Scania.

Staying healthy as a truck driver

Staying healthy. It sounds so easy. All you need to do is eat well, drink lots of water, so more and stay active.

New motorway to link Europe and China

A new toll motorway stretching across Russia has been given the green light.

Honk if you’re… happy, mad or safety conscious

What do you think if you hear the sound of a truck’s horn?

The young ones: why we need 18-year-old truckers

Forget the traditional stereotypes, today’s truckers come in all shapes, races, genders, and ages.

5 reasons truck driver leave their jobs

The trucking industry has a problem. Well, it has lots of problems, but for this article we’re talking about early leaving.

4 urban legends in the world of trucking

The average truck driver covers a lot of miles over the course of their career.

Anatomy of a truck tyre: what you need to know

Despite its traditional appearance, a truck tyre is so much more than just simply a circle of vulcanized rubber.

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