Author: Steve

Autonomous trucks being trialled in Germany

Continental is working with brake manufacturer Knorr-Bremse to develop level 4 autonomy technology in trucks. Level 4 autonomy means a vehicle is designed to drive itself under almost all circumstances without the need for human intervention. However, (you’ll be pleased to hear) human intervention is still possible. Continental’s vice president commercial vehicle products and systems, Dr Georg Fas...

Changes to IR35 are coming

2020 has presented us all with a lot of challenges. At least we didn’t have to think about changes to IR35 legislation as well. We’ve still got that to look forward to… Postponed from April 2020, the changes are due to come into force in April 2021 and could affect your salary and the amount of tax and National Insurance (NI) you pay. As an HGV driver, you might not need to know the finer legislat...

Social media: The good, the bad and the ugly

Ever thought you’d like to try your hand at winning at social media? Plenty of people have. Some with success; others less so. In the world of trucking, there are social media stars who’ve managed to monetise their working lives. By describing the ins and outs of life as a trucker – in the finest of detail – they have created communities and opportunities to laugh, learn and share.  Because let’s ...

Tech that’s making trucking safer

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the trucking industry is a huge fan of tech. After all, it’s hard to embrace something that’s threatening to take away your job. But even the biggest opponent of tech must be able to see how technology has the potential to improve our lives. From healthcare to agriculture, tech is being used in many industries in so many ways. Autonomous trucks aside, there’s all s...

10,000 drivers caught tailgating

To anyone who spends time behind the wheel, it’s no surprise to learn that tailgating is a common occurrence. New cameras are being trialled in the UK to catch drivers who tailgate. In the first two weeks of the pilot scheme, the cameras caught around 10,000 drivers committing the offence. A joint effort by the police and Highways England, the scheme is being used to tackle tailgating, which is a ...

Which countries pay truckers the most?

Considering truck drivers are such a vital part of keeping the global economy running smoothly, it’s a shame they don’t get paid accordingly. Unfortunately, the world hasn’t noticed how poorly truck drivers are paid. Or perhaps they don’t really care. The media continually reminds us that the industry has its work cut out trying to recruit new truck drivers. But we all know the problem is less a d...

France to reopen borders with UK for HGV drivers

France has reopened its borders with the UK to truck drivers who test negative to Covid-19.

Calls for better road safety after runaway tyre incident

A runaway tyre which smashed into a truck on the UK’s M42 has prompted calls for better road safety.

Brexit talks could stall over commercial vehicles’ EU access

It is reported that the EU is reluctant to agree to British demands for UK truckers to be able to work extensively across the bloc once the transition period ends in December.

Study: UK drivers not ready for autonomous vehicles

New research has revealed that two thirds of people do not feel ready to share the roads with driverless vehicles.

Hike in fuel duty would hit economy hard

With reports that UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak is considering raising the fuel duty by 5p per litre, it’s not just the nation’s drivers who will be impacted. Logistics businesses – and the wider economy – would also feel the pressure.

What trucking can tell us about the economy

Trucking companies can give a very clear idea about what consumers will be demanding in the months ahead. It offers a reliable indicator, giving a sense of where demand is growing in real time.