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RHA responds to climate change report

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has responded to a new report on climate change by calling for recognition of the essential role that road transport plays in the UK economy.


The 2020 ETRC DIGITAL RACING CHALLENGE hosts the penultimate rounds of the Championship at the famous Le Mans Bugatti Circuit with the Apollo Tyres Tor Truck Racing team hoping for better fortunes this time out. 

Covid-19: how vaccine transportation could be the next challenge for fleets

The process of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing the Coronavirus vaccine has been called “the biggest logistical challenge the world has ever faced”. And commercial vehicles – particularly refrigerated trucks – will have a crucial role to play.

Industry body urges government to tackle ‘inadequate’ HGV parks

HGV parks have been so bad for so long you’ve probably acclimatised to the poor hygiene and sanitation facilities by now. Or at least we hope you have. However, with hygiene more important than ever right now, there have been new calls to improve the poor standard of UK HGV parks. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) wants the UK government to finally come good on its promise made two years ago...

HGV drivers’ hard work going underappreciated

However, more than half (50.4%) of UK truckers say they don’t feel like they’re getting any recognition for their hard work during these tough times, as per a new survey.

Switching to renewable fuel a ‘no-brainer’ for the HGV sector

Do you give much thought to your carbon footprint as an HGV driver?

Fleet accidents are the result of work-related stress

Stress created in the workplace is the main reason fleet drivers have accidents on the road.

Simple unloading hack revealed

A trucker has been videoed executing a rather unorthodox – but highly effective – way of unloading items from the back of his trailer.

Brussels must do more to boost green truck production

A group of European giants including Nestle and Unilever is calling on Brussels to help them tackle the problem of road freight emissions.

When did the truck become a tool of crime?

When the news broke last year that 39 people had been found dead in the back of a refrigerated trailer in the UK, there was an overwhelming feeling of revulsion, not least amongst the road transport industry.

3 driving laws to know about

As someone who drives a vehicle for a living, you’ll know how often road legislation can change.

4 reasons driver turnover is so high

Driver retention has long been a problem for the trucking industry.