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5 tips for reducing stress while driving

Working odd hours, sleeping in uncomfortable surroundings, being away from home for weeks at a time.

UK’s youngest female truck driver

A Scottish fashion student has become the youngest female truck driver in the UK.

Truckers share safety tips

Truck drivers in the US have shared safety tips as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Who’s the best truck driver?

DAF Trucks wants to find the best truck driver in the world.

Lorry: What is a lorry and what’s the difference with a truck?

This is a very easy question according to some people and a very difficult one according to others.

Report: HGV diesel sales should be banned from 2040

The sale of new diesel HGVs should be banned from 2040, says a new report looking at the future of freight transportation.

5 ways to beat road rage

As a professional driver, traffic jams are just part of the day job. But the more congested the roads, the more stressful the driving experience.

Amazon wants us to know it is not undercutting the road freight market

Amazon has denied it plans to undercut the road freight market after the launch of its new online freight brokerage service.

German truckers manipulated emissions devices

Hundreds of trucks in Germany have been manipulated to save money by shutting down exhaust treatment systems.

How to save money on your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel engines are responsible for nearly half of all nitrogen oxide pollution and two-thirds of all particulate emissions. Luckily, there’s a way to minimise the impact on the environment without having to get rid of your diesel truck.

New Volvo FH to cut fuel costs by 7%

For anyone regularly racking up the miles, vehicle fuel efficiency must be a consideration. Which is why Volvo Trucks is launching Volvo FH with I-Save as a way to offer its customers greater efficiency....

CO2 targets for trucks currently unachievable

The EU has proposed ambitious CO2 emissions targets, but without the recharging and refuelling infrastructure for electric and alternatively-powered trucks, those targets may not be reached...

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