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Bath clean air zone: Check your vehicle and pay the charge

bath clean air zone

If your vehicle does not meet the UK’s emission standards, be ready to pay a daily charge whenever you enter the Bath clean air zone (CAZ). All the registered vehicles such as lorries, vans & buses are being charged for driving inside the Bath clean air zone from 16 March. Although there are many clean air zones issued by the UK government, including Birmingham & Bristol, the bath clean air zone is one of a kind outside the England capital. A clean air zone (CAZ) is a health measure imposed to improve the air quality of a particular area & commercial vehicles which are non-compliant & do not meet the vehicle emission standards will be expected to pay a daily charge. According to the Bath & North East Somerset Council, the process should’ve been cut to legal levels by the start of 2022, starting from the exemption of private cars and motorbikes in the zone.

bath clean air zone

Bath clean air zone map


Bath Clean Air Zone Charges

Vehicle TypeCAZ Charges
High-emission commercial vans£9
Buses & HGVs£100
Taxies & Private Hire Vehicles (Pickup & camper vans included)£9
Private Cars & MotorbikesExempt

Is your vehicle non-compliant? Check here

If your vehicle does not meet the quality & emission standards, you can check here using your registration number to find whether you need to pay the charges to drive inside the Bath clean air zone.

How to pay the Bath clean air zone charges?

Please remember:

  • You can pay up to six days before the journey in advance or in the following days when you enter the CAZ.
  • You can enter or leave the clean air zone on different occasions & pay the charge each day.
  • If you are driving for two midnights, you will be paying two consecutive charges.
  • If your vehicle is parked in the zone & does not move for the period, charges will not be applied.
  • The driver must pay the charges within seven days (including the travel day)
  • If the driver fails to pay within seven days, a penalty charge notice will be issued. So, it’s suggested to pay within time to avoid the penalty charge notice nightmare.

You can visit the UK’s official website to make the payments via credit card or a debit card. Sarah Warren – Councillor of Bath & North East Somerset Council, said in a statement, “It’s a public health issue, and the emissions from the vehicle should be cut as soon as possible to avoid any negative health-related consequences.”

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