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Beer o’clock?

Beer o’clock?

Uber Freight has moved its first European load – a trailer full of beer.

Just months after announcing it was expanding into Europe, Uber Freight has worked with its partner Heineken to transport the lager in the Netherlands.

Speaking about this, Maarten Koudenburg, senior director at Heineken Netherlands Supply Chain, said: “This first European load gives us the chance to experience Uber Freight in the context of the European market. We look forward to further exploring new opportunities such as this in the future.”

Valued at around $400 billion annually, Europe’s trucking industry in the third largest in the world (after the US and China).

Small- to medium-sized carriers in the EU account for more than 85% of the total carrier pool, but struggle to connect with larger shippers. This is something Uber Freight hopes to change.

Let’s hope they’re not looking at the situation through beer goggles.

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