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Being a trucker and keeping your diet healthy

Being a trucker and keeping your diet healthy

There are many challenges to keep a healthy lifestyle in any walk of life. However, being a truck driver has to be up near the top, due to the nature of the work, the long hours and being out on the road as opposed to somewhere close to home.  

And, all of these challenges can add up. In 2018, it was reported by Unite the Union that ill-health in truckers is very high, with 52,000 workers across Europe suffering from a work-related illness. Not all of these are solely around diet, but healthy eating can help to alleviate many of these work-related illnesses.  

So, how can you stay healthy as a modern-day trucker? 

  1. Schedule 

Eating healthy can become a challenge if we don’t stick to a routine. Keeping a food schedule and eating at the right times can be critical to not over-snacking or over-eating from boredom or otherwise. Making sure you have either pre-prepared meals or snacks or are eating at regular intervals can keep your intake to the right amount. 

2. Speedy snacks 

Sometimes, time is of the essence! If you want a quick snack or need to eat a meal fast, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘fast food’. Keeping your truck stocked with some healthy snack options minimises the need to grab something from a service station on the fly.  Keeping foods that travel well under different conditions is essential such as some fruit, nuts and wholegrain crackers. 

3. Rich in fibre foods

Fibre rich foods are not only healthy, but also leave you full for the long journey ahead. I know that salad or leafy greens sometimes doesn’t feel like the most appetising thing, but they contain a good dose of fibre, along with Vitamin K, which can help with age related concerns. Other alternatives include fruit, vegetables and wholegrain breakfast cereals.

4. Drinking the good stuff 

I know to most of us this doesn’t seem like the good stuff, but water really is great. Hydration is essential for our bodies, but also not drinking enough can affect your alertness on the road, your state of mind and fatigue. Make sure you’re drinking enough water! 

5. Plant based dieting 

I know, I wasn’t convinced either! But it can be easier than some people think.  Also, it can lower cholesterol, keep tabs on your blood pressure and even reduce any inflammation from those long hours sat in one position. Food options include veggie wraps, soups and nuts, but there are plenty more options than you might initially think. 

There are many ways in which you can stay healthy on the road, but also many challenges which stops it being easy. What challenges have you found when trying to eat healthy? 

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