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Belgian police find 12 people ‘safe and well’ in lorry

Belgian police find 12 people ‘safe and well’ in lorry

A week after UK police launched a murder investigation into the death of 39 people, Belgian police say they have found 12 people “safe and well” in a refrigerated lorry.

The migrants were found in the back of a fruit and vegetable lorry on the motorway, near the Flemish town of Oud-Turnhout.

Speaking about the incident, a police spokeswoman said: “We received a call from a lorry driver […] who suspected that there were people in his refrigerated lorry.

“12 men were found safe and sound.”

Truck drivers are becoming increasingly reluctant to drive in the UK; they face a £2,000 fine for every person illicitly found onboard.

The head of the Belgian road freight association Febetra, Isabelle De Maegt, explained: “Drivers going to England are increasingly confronted with the dangers of having migrants on board the vehicle.”

She said that people were choosing to travel in refrigerated trailers because they believed they were less likely to be detected. She argued that “closed and sealed” parking areas with cameras were needed on route to the UK.

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