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Bolton Council opts for 19 new Mercedes Econics

Bolton Council has added 19 six-wheel Mercedes Econic chassis to its refuse collection fleet with two types of Faun Zoeller body.

Bolton Council’s has added 19 new Mercedes Econic trucks with two types of Faun Zoeller body to boost its emissions reduction, operating efficiency and safety.

Supplied by local dealer Ciceley Commercials, the six-wheelers represent a major step forward and the new trucks are all 2630 L variants with 7.7-litre in-line six-cylinder engines that deliver 299 hp via six-speed Allison automatic gearboxes purpose-designed for stop-start applications.

The rear-steer axles provide enhanced manoeuvrability by reducing turning circles – a significant advantage when working on residential streets. 

The vehicle’s comprehensive safety armoury includes the latest Active Brake Assist 5 emergency braking technology, with industry-leading pedestrian recognition capability, and Electronic Parking Brakes that are applied automatically when the engine is switched off.

Most of the low-entry Econics they have replaced were 2012 models, although four had been providing reliable, cost-effective service since 2009. 

The new, Euro VI-compliant trucks offer a 90% reduction in particulate and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions compared to their Euro V predecessors, while also consuming less fuel and up to 40% less AdBlue.

‘Ciceley Commercials’ provides a great service’

Jason Molyneux, the senior team leader in the council’s Waste Department, said: “Ciceley Commercials’ provides a great service, while we also have a very good relationship with the dealer’s aftersales team, who provide first-class back-up. If ever we have a technical issue, we know we can just give them a call and they’ll sort it out for us quickly.

“In truth, though, and this explains why we have remained loyal to Mercedes, our Econics have given us very few problems. 

“The drivelines are exceptionally reliable, and the cabs are comfortable and well-liked by the drivers and crews who use them.”

He added: “Faun Zoeller is also a trusted supplier, and experience has shown that its products offer the performance we need. 

“By specifying the two different types of body, we’ve ensured that we have the flexibility to manage every kind of waste stream efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Mercedes Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen

Purpose-designed for municipal applications, the Mercedes Econic has a deep, panoramic windscreen and this, coupled with a low seating position, provides drivers with unrivalled direct visibility. 

Its air-conditioned cab is easily accessed via a single step, making life easier for operatives who get in and out numerous times during a shift.

Eight of the new trucks are fitted with 22m3 versions of Faun Zoeller’s Variopress body and work with split Delta high-level bin lifts. 

The Variopress system employs a conventional packer plate to compress the waste and was already being operated successfully by Bolton Council on the six Mercedes Econics it purchased in 2017.

The remaining 11 vehicles, however, have been specified with cylindrical Rotopress bodies, which offer higher payloads, reduced rear overhangs, a tight seal resulting in less dust and odour during collection operations, and fewer moving parts, which translate into lower maintenance and repair costs.

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