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Bradfords Building Supplies get two new DAF LFs

Two new DAF LFs have entered service for family-owned Bradfords Building Supplies Ltd.

Family-owned business Bradfords Building Supplies Ltd has taken delivery of two new DAF LFs as part of a total order of 15 new DAF trucks. 

The new vehicles will be used across all of Bradfords 45 branch locations for the delivering of aggregates, drainage supplies, timber, cement and all things construction.

All of the vehicles have been fitted with a range of features to ensure their drivers, the communities and businesses that Bradfords serves are as safe as possible including reverse camera, reverse warning and passenger view window to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users. 

In addition, the 18-tonne LFs are equipped with raised ‘construction’ steps enabling better ground clearance for minimising potential damage and providing increased use on construction sites.

‘Driver comfort out on the roads’

Martin Caddick, Bradfords’ head of transport said: “Driver comfort out on the roads and in the yards are key decision factors when purchasing our vehicles. 

“We run an almost all-DAF fleet with all vehicles being built and utilising the same equipment. 

“This means our drivers are familiar with the products, regardless of what vehicle they’re in, meaning overall safety and quality in the service that we provide to our valued customers.”

He added: “Overall, our drivers are really impressed with the DAF product, which is important for driver retention.”

Maintained on contract hire by BNP Paribas Rental Solutions

The new vehicles are supplied and maintained on contract hire by BNP Paribas Rental Solutions by way of DAF dealer Adams Morey, the South West’s leading commercial vehicle dealer group with 10 sites across the South Coast and South West of England.

Mr said: “When choosing an appropriate partner, it was important that we shared the same values throughout. 

“The whole BNP Paribas Rental Solutions team demonstrated a genuine interest to fully understand our business and form the beginnings of a true partnership. 

“They fully understand that for us, compliance is king.”

He added: “We were very impressed with the Fleet’ON portal available from BNP Paribas Rental Solutions that stores all the information relating to our vehicles and ensures they are all consistently compliant.”

Have worked with DAF for more than 20 years

Mr Caddick explained that Bradfords serve local businesses across the South West and they have worked with DAF for more than 20 years and their back-up DAFAid service is ‘exceptional’ and their dealer locations and availability is second to none.

The dealer network is also one of the best which is important during periods of downtime.

Benoit Laflamme, the head of BNP Paribas Rental Solutions UK said: “We operate like a family business inside a large banking organisation. 

“For us, every single customer is extremely important. We treat them as long-term partners and we really care about understanding how we can best deliver value at every step of the way.”

John Pee, the territory sales manager at Adams Morey, said: “We’re proud to supply Bradfords with their new vehicles and we hope their success continues to grow, one yellow truck at a time!”

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