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Bristol Clean Air Zone Expected Launch in June 2022

Bristol clean air zone

According to the Health Impact reports of London, there are an estimated 75,000 older, more polluting vehicles in the higher grounds of London currently. Due to which the Bristol clean air zone (CAZ) was issued where these non-compliant vehicles will be charged.

Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has already confirmed the UK government will support the CAZ scheme.

“We will be introducing the most wide-ranging clean air zones in the UK which will not only reduce the noise pollution on the roads but will also help change how we travel by delivering the city with a clean, green & healthy lifestyle.” Said Marvin Rees.
Mr Rees has also added before, “With great responsibility & ambition to reduce pollution in the UK, we also want to minimise any consequences impacting citizens & businesses, especially those with lower wages.”

bristol clean air zone

Bristol Clean Air Zone Charges

According to the plans submitted by the UK government in February, here are the charges filed by vehicle type.

Vehicle TypeCharges
Non-Compliant Private Cars, Vans & Taxies£9
Non-Compliant Buses, Coaches & Lorries£100

Please note that the above charges do not apply to petrol vehicles dated from 2006 onwards, which meet Euro 4, 5, & 6 emission standards or diesel vehicles manufactured since about 2015 with Euro 6 emission standards.

On the bright side, the council said around 71% of vehicles in Bristol are already compliant with the standards and protocols, so they will not have to pay to enter the Bristol clean air zone.

The end goal of the £42m of the government-funded plan is said to help people switch to the greener modes of transport in the UK.

Help Measures Include

Support MeasuresSupport Amount
Help people travel more by walking, free electric bike loans, free bus tickets for proximate journeys.£5.9m
Fright consolidation project to help businesses switch to more eco-friendly ways to transport goods.£2m
Fund allocation to help buses & coaches companies.£2.1m
To help companies upgrade their LGVs, HGVs, vans, taxies & private hire vehicles.£32m
Loans & grants to help low wages, those who are travelling through bristol clean air zones for work and studies & need a vehicle upgrade.£1.8m

A certain range of exemptions will also be available to give those eligible individuals & businesses to prepare for the Bristol clean air zone due next June in 2022.

The Exemptions Include

  • People with low wages of up to £27,000 per annum need to travel in the Bristal clean air zone for work.
  • Patients and visitors of the hospitals across the zone.
  • Blue Badge Holders, Tax or passenger disabled class vehicles.
  • Local community transport providers who abide by section 19 permit law.
  • Commercial vehicles are owned by people with financial agreements.
  • Home-to-school vehicles like buses, minibuses or coaches. (Council funded Only)
  • Families with personal budgets travel into the Bristol clean air zone through their school route.

The mitigations and exemptions detailed by the council are proposed to support people who will most likely be affected by this decision Whereas the individuals with the least annual wage of £24,000 are eligible to apply for a one-year exemption as precautions taken by Mr Marvin Rees.

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