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Can InstaFreight offer road freight something different?

Can InstaFreight offer road freight something different?

The road freight industry has a lack of digitisation across large parts of the market and this is leading to fragmentation and low visibility into operations.

Uniform regulation in the European Union has done away with border customs but in an industry that relies heavily on stakeholder relationships, the language barrier can be an issue.

One Berlin-based digital freight forwarding company hopes it has the solution to greater efficiency across Europe. InstaFreight connects shippers and carriers on a digital platform, finding the right carrier without multiple subcontracting.

Philipp Ortwein, co-founder and managing director of InstaFreight describes the company as a contractual party rather than a freight exchange platform.

According to Ortwein, InstaFreight is using its “technical and digital expertise to improve everything related to freight transport.”

Aggregating more than 10,000 carriers on its platform InstaFreight uses a pricing algorithm that gives shippers a quote within seconds.

It already has more than 2,000 active users who say access to new capacity, end-to-end transparency and hassle-free transport handling are what makes InstaFreight so refreshing.

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