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UK Driving licence codes and categories

What are driving licence codes? The driving licence codes demonstrate the conditions you must abide by before earning a green flag to drive your vehicle. There is an estimate of over 50 driving licence codes, which we will explore in this article, including a plethora of categories consisting of your eyesight and other biological aids to vehicle modifications. These codes are generally found on the back of your licence and can be different in Northern Ireland. Read here to know all the UK’s driving licence categories. Driving licence penalty codes If by any chance you’ve committed a driving offence and needed a speed awareness course, you could be served by penalty points on your licence. Since such points are going to be stuck on your driving licence until its expiry date, whi...[Read More]

Who has a priority at unmarked crossroads?

Unmarked crossroads are quite an exception considering not many of them are covered in the UK. Nonetheless, they spread across the way without any road signs, traffic signals or white lines between the road, making it bleak to choose who has the rights while travelling on them, which might lead to an accident or a fatal injury. Most of the time, facing them would feel chaotic and a little out of sight frustrating. Experienced drivers have also wrecked the fleets with significant damage over time. Fortunately, even in such vague situations, we can override your fear or confusion by ensuring it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s explore driving principles, or so to say, clues you should look for while going in these unmarked crossroads. What are unmarked crossroads? Crossroads ar...[Read More]

Digital tachograph card: Driver’s smart safety tool

What is a digital tachograph card? To record and store a spectrum of information about the driver and the vehicle, such as the distance travelled, speed stricks in different terrains, time covered, and driver’s activities while driving, a digital tachograph card is a compact-sized tool prepped inside the goods and passenger vehicles. All the data is stored in the vehicle’s memory unit and on the driver’s card. You can apply for the digital tachograph from renowned brands such as VDO. Stoneridge. Actia and Intellect. If you want to apply for the digital tachograph card, read the manifesto on applying for a driver’s digital tachograph card. Can I drive without a digital tachograph inserted? The installation of a digital tachograph card has become mandatory for vehicle...[Read More]

What are speed limiters: A Safe Way to avoid accidents and speeding tickets?

Britan’s main highways and urban paths have speed limits set for all vehicles passing by. As subtle as the law sounds, It’s also subtle to find out what are speed limiters. It’s also true that any driver can lapse their concentration & unintentionally break them. Besides the speeding tickets taking a toll on your wallet, it’s far more dangerous for people who use roads daily. Fortunately, along with cars and bikes, many heavy vehicle drivers can now use a speed limiter function to prevent the fleet from exceeding a particular area’s speed limit. What are speed limiters meant for? A speed limiter is an adjustable and intelligent device that makes long journeys safe and easy. It’s a relief to have such a safety device as it can take all the care for ch...[Read More]

What is the Residual Value of your vehicle?

Definition In terms of car leasing, a residual value is determined to express the resale value of your vehicle. After evaluating the cost of your monthly payments, the estimated residual amount is calculated by your leasing company before completing the agreement procedures. Depending on the type of vehicle, the depreciated cost is summarised. In the case of Fleets, they have become more rigid over the years to avoid getting a toll on maximum loss. In simple terms, the residual amount is figuring out your vehicle’s worth and not the actual selling price. Its a type of benchmark provided by leasing companies to remarket such fleet vehicles. The factors include to calculate residual value are: Vehicle manufacturers Auction prices Residual data history Everything ultimately comes down t...[Read More]

Health and Safety Legislation Checklist for Fleet Drivers

Are you an employee in general haulage & warehousing or wholesale and retail liquids? While every delivery is made in each particular sector, the drivers are exposed to potential hazards that might arise from several things. According to the HSE road haulage safety, nearly 60 employees are killed, and an estimated 5000 are injured in haulage and distribution over the course of 5 years. Health and safety legislation is considered lengthy paperwork with red tapes, expenses and jaded rules that are difficult to understand. So, the below information is provided to help all the employers on the road businesses and our FleetSpeak readers to understand easily & do a better job of ensuring the health and safety legislation at work. Managing health and safety legislation Understanding the f...[Read More]

8 Rules to Read Before Applying for a Driving Licence Photo Card

When applying for a driving licence photo card, it’s necessary to provide a valid photo following specific rules. The picture might need to be signed for certification, depending on the type of identity you use before applying for your licence. If you already have a driving licence and want to check the driving records, penalty points and disqualifications, use the fleetspeak driving licence tool. When Do I Need a Photo? You ought to provide your latest colour passport-type photograph if you are applying for the following: Driving Licence (Provisional) Driving Licence (Renewal) Driving Licence (Optional Renewal) Driving Licence (Exchange from other countries) Proof of Residency Find the UK’s various driving licence categories to understand further about your driving licence pho...[Read More]

Bristol Clean Air Zone Expected Launch in June 2022

According to the Health Impact reports of London, there are an estimated 75,000 older, more polluting vehicles in the higher grounds of London currently. Due to which the Bristol clean air zone (CAZ) was issued where these non-compliant vehicles will be charged. Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has already confirmed the UK government will support the CAZ scheme. “We will be introducing the most wide-ranging clean air zones in the UK which will not only reduce the noise pollution on the roads but will also help change how we travel by delivering the city with a clean, green & healthy lifestyle.” Said Marvin Rees.   Mr Rees has also added before, “With great responsibility & ambition to reduce pollution in the UK, we also want to minimise any consequences impacting citizen...[Read More]

Comparing backloading for trucks websites

Backloading for trucks is a great way to optimise profitability and here we compare three websites doing just that.

Goodyear teams up with ZF for fleet management

A new fleet management tool has been unveiled by Goodyear and tech outfit ZF to help fleets keep moving.

‘Zoom zombies’ a menace on the road

The coronavirus pandemic may have led to fewer vehicles on the road over the past year, but driving could be more dangerous than ever.

Drivers send more than 35 dashcam videos to police every day

For years, other people’s bad driving was something we’ve had to grin and bear. But then dashcams appeared on the scene. According to research by consumer car mag WhatCar? vigilante motorists are sending more than 35 dashcam videos to the police every day. The data revealed that more than 52,000 pieces of footage had been submitted in the UK since 2017. The figures, which were gathered via a freedom of information request sent to every UK police force, show that a third of those videos resulted in action being taken by the police. 35 out of the UK’s 42 police forces have been able to hand out fines to drivers based on dashcam evidence. Just over 10% of the incidents were serious enough to warrant court prosecutions. Meanwhile, 9.6% resulted in a Fixed Penalty Notice, 10.5% ended up with th...[Read More]