News about new EU regulations or facts happened outside the UK

Truckers accused of dogging. Brits in particular…

Brexit gets lots of press, but who expected dogging to become part of the conversation?

Brexit: the road ahead

This was to be the year that Britain was supposed to have left the European Union (EU). However, as three deadlines have passed and 2019 draws to a close, the UK remains a part of the EU. There is, in FTA’s opinion, much to reflect on about the prospects on trade between the UK and its closest trading partner.

5 European electric truck startups hoping to challenge Tesla’s Semi

Regular trucks may still be common on our roads right now, in the future they will be replaced by more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Brexit campaign launched for truckers

The UK government has announced a multi-million-pound campaign across Europe to make sure businesses and hauliers are ready when the UK leaves the EU on 31 October. 

The politics of trucking

Trucking and politics aren’t two things you’d normally associate with one another.

Speed limiters could soon be mandatory for all vehicles

Trucks are fitted with speed limiters to make the roads safer, so why not other vehicles as well?

Truck makers worried about CO2 emissions limits

In February, the EU reached a tentative deal on CO2 emission limits for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The rules require that between 2025 and 2029, new trucks must emit an average of 15% less CO2 compared to this year’s emission levels.

The end of trucks as we know them

Could it be the end of the road for the brick-shaped cab? The EU has brought forward its plans to introduce more aerodynamic truck designs in an effort to reduce fuel consumption. An agreement by European lawmakers means that truck makers can now...

New road and vehicle safety rules

Proposed rules on road infrastructure and vehicle safety could help save thousands of lives on Europe’s roads, claims the European Transport Safety Council.

New speed limits on Europe’s roads

A number of EU countries have been reassessing speed restrictions on country roads. Spain has reduced the speed limit on its major rural roads from 100km/hr to 90km/hr. More than 2,700 road signs have been changed at a cost of €526,000.

Ban on truckers in Poland

The Philippine Embassy has again urged a ban on the deployment of Filipinos for work in Poland’s road transport sector.

Trucking’s go-slow Brexit protest

Everyone’s fed up of Brexit. More than two years of fighting, whining, confusion and lies. My god, the lies… We’ve all had enough – and that includes truck drivers. Earlier this month, a pro-Brexit activist group called the Brexit Direct Action Group suggested a national truck drivers’ protest if Brexit was delayed.