News about new EU regulations or facts happened outside the UK

Slower recovery for UK haulage industry than European neighbours

Activity in the UK trucking industry is getting back to pre-coronavirus levels, but recovery is slower than its European counterparts.

EU trucking market set for €63 billion coronavirus loss

A new report suggests that revenue from road freight in Europe could drop by as much as €63 billion in 2020 as a result of the impact of coronavirus.

EU trucking reforms signed off with no amendments

Updates to EU trucking rules have been signed off by members of the European Parliament without the proposed amendments. A number of central and eastern European countries had been pushing for amendments to the reform package, but their pleas have been rejected.

Hyundai’s first fuel cell truck heads to Europe

The first of Hyundai’s fuel cell trucks has arrived in Switzerland. The ten Xcient Fuel Cell trucks will be available for lease and the truck manufacturer plans to ship another 40 to Switzerland this year.

Road freight sector ‘needs post-Covid funds’

The trucking industry needs €75 bn from the EU to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for new transport measures, according to calculations made by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). 

European associations highlight transport’s role during global crisis

Transport industry associations across Europe have come together to endorse a series of pledges reinforcing the vital roles being played by transport in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Huge queues at Europe’s borders

Trucks and other vehicles are finding themselves in huge traffic jams (queues of up to 37 miles and 18 hours have been reported) at several EU borders as governments step up their measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Are the EU’s ‘green lanes’ working?

The European Commission’s plans to ease congestion at key borders across the bloc might not be working as well as they’d hoped.

EU sets up ‘green lanes’ to ease freight congestion during coronavirus

The European Commission has issued instructions on how to reduce bottlenecks at border crossings, deploying new ‘green lanes’ designed to keep road freight moving during the coronavirus outbreak.

Truckers accused of dogging. Brits in particular…

Brexit gets lots of press, but who expected dogging to become part of the conversation?

Brexit: the road ahead

This was to be the year that Britain was supposed to have left the European Union (EU). However, as three deadlines have passed and 2019 draws to a close, the UK remains a part of the EU. There is, in FTA’s opinion, much to reflect on about the prospects on trade between the UK and its closest trading partner.

5 European electric truck startups hoping to challenge Tesla’s Semi

Regular trucks may still be common on our roads right now, in the future they will be replaced by more environmentally-friendly vehicles.