Our opinions and long pieces regarding the trucking industry

Two-thirds of drivers know when they are over the limit

Recent research reveals that nearly two-thirds of drivers claim they know when they are over the limit.

Why the trucking skills shortage is a ticking time bomb

The labour shortage in the trucking industry is a ticking time bomb, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA)

The most dangerous songs to drive to

Some songs are more dangerous to listen to behind the wheel than others.

UK’s most haunted roads

Some people love to hear tales of the supernatural.

What causes road rage? And how to control it

Driving can be bloody awful.

5 facts about trucking

Trucks are the lifeblood of our existence – they get food on shelves, petrol to pumps, and building materials to construction sites.

5 tips to avoid distracted driving

We all know how dangerous it is to get distracted on the road, but it can happen in an instant.

6 road rules we should all adopt

As you travel around Europe you quickly realise driving regulations differ from one country to the next.

7 winter trucking safety tips

Driving a truck in winter requires a specific set of skills – and the bigger the truck, the greater the skill required to drive it. 

The importance of proper alignment of truck tyres

Whether you operate one truck or a fleet of them, you want to feel confident that your vehicles are getting the best fuel mileage and the least tyre wear possible.

How to spot the signs that a colleague is stressed

From a young age we’re taught to spot the physical signs of illness – coughs, sickness or chest pain could all prompt a trip to the doctors.

There may never be enough drivers again

Some HGV driver vacancies will never be filled.

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