Our opinions and long pieces regarding the trucking industry

Strangest driving laws from around the world

Getting to grips with driving laws in other countries can be hard at the best of times.

8 road safety tips for truckers

We all know that driver error is the main cause of road accidents.

4 reasons driver turnover is so high

Driver retention has long been a problem for the trucking industry.

4 benefits of having your pet on the road

Did you see the story about a trucker being reunited with his feline travelling companion, after five months of being apart?

Truck driver gets takeaway delivered through cab window

What happens when you need to eat, but aren’t able to stop?

Why the EU’s roads are the safest in the world

The latest Road Safety Annual Report has confirmed what many of us already knew – the European Union has the safest road system in the world.

Two-thirds of drivers know when they are over the limit

Recent research reveals that nearly two-thirds of drivers claim they know when they are over the limit.

Why the trucking skills shortage is a ticking time bomb

The labour shortage in the trucking industry is a ticking time bomb, says the Freight Transport Association (FTA)

The most dangerous songs to drive to

Some songs are more dangerous to listen to behind the wheel than others.

UK’s most haunted roads

Some people love to hear tales of the supernatural.

What causes road rage? And how to control it

Driving can be bloody awful.

5 facts about trucking

Trucks are the lifeblood of our existence – they get food on shelves, petrol to pumps, and building materials to construction sites.