Our opinions and long pieces regarding the trucking industry

5 facts about a career in trucking

Whether you’re starting a career driving a truck or sitting in an office, sometimes the expectation doesn’t quite match the reality. It’s not ideal, but that’s life.  However, the more prepared you are about the reality of what to expect from a job in the trucking industry, the less of a shock it will be. If you’re starting out in trucking, here’s my tips on what to expect from your career. 1 You’re going to get stressed There’s no getting away from this one – working as a truck driver can be stressful. Not all of the time, but some of the time. Heavy traffic, meeting deadlines, getting lost, reversing into a space that clearly isn’t big enough for a truck… These are all things that come with the job – and all stressful things you have to deal with as best you can.  When you’re in trucking...[Read More]

How truck drivers can stay healthy on the road

Here are three truck driver health tips to get you started.

Where are Europe’s safest roads?

Data published by the European Commission estimate that road fatalities in 2019 dropped by 23% compared to 2010.

The £2.5m digital freight start-up flying under the radar

The platform has been stealthily working its way into the hearts of hauliers and their clients, across a variety of sectors: Zeus.

Social media: The good, the bad and the ugly

In the world of trucking, there are social media stars who’ve managed to monetise their working lives.

Want to quit smoking? 4 tips to help you stop for good

If you drive a truck and want to quit smoking, here are four tips to help give up and keep stress levels to a minimum.

Safer roads mean retaining experienced truck drivers

According to the study, experience has a bigger impact on safety than age.

Will we recognise the trucking industry in a decade?

The industry has grown considerably over the years. And even now, in the face of something as overwhelming as the coronavirus pandemic, the industry has had to do what it always does: keep on trucking.

How fleet managers can look after their truck drivers’ health and wellbeing

Around 35% of illness at work in the transport industry is attributed to issues with mental health (although that figure is likely to be higher, considering the stigma surrounding the issue). 

EU trucking market set for €63 billion coronavirus loss

A new report suggests that revenue from road freight in Europe could drop by as much as €63 billion in 2020 as a result of the impact of coronavirus.

Could biomethane cut your fuel costs?

Are you keen to save on fuel costs for your truck fleet? Then switching from diesel to biomethane could be the answer you’re looking for, according to a new campaign. 

“Logistics remains vital” to rebuilding the economy

Lockdown is easing and non-essential shops are re-opening – but what does all this mean for lorry drivers and the road freight sector?