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What Does Single Vs Double Yellow Lines Mean?

While driving on the road, you’ll definitely encounter road signs and markings dotted all along. When you are a beginner in driving, these road signs can be very confusing, which is normal! As they can be seen in various shapes, sizes and colors, things will start making sense once you open the UK Highway Codes. As a driver, one of the most common yet essential road markings you need to understand are yellow lines. These road markings are called single and double yellow lines, painted along certain roadsides. But what exactly do they mean? To put it simply, yellow lines are there to convey certain waiting restrictions in force, but there’s obviously more to it. In this article, you’ll learn a range of variations to follow through so you won’t break the rules and be ...[Read More]

ESP traction control – What is it and how does it work?

ESP traction control was the most hyped phrase in 2007, including words like ‘corporate accountability and ‘safety’ – You either have in on your fleet, or you don’t. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is basically the most essential safety feature to get introduced for vans since the announcement of seatbelts. A device that is closely associated with the factors of safety and corporate accountability. The recently launched Ford Transit has an ESP as a stock fitment. The Volkswagen Crafter and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter also have it too. The rest of the 2.6-3.5 tonne GVW vans in the UK sell ESP as an addon option or don’t have it at all. Therefore, a further hierarchy can be seen fragmenting between safe and not so safe vehicles. ESP Traction Control ...[Read More]

What are smart motorways and where can we find them?

The UK government has promised not to build any all-lane running motorways across the UK until the current motorways are comprehensively assessed for safety. The lanes use a rigid shoulder as an extra lane in the traffic but have been criticised as a cause of many unfortunate deaths. Part of the smart motorway masterplan is vehicles use the hard shoulder during busy periods. Great idea. But what happens if you break down? ERA, that’s what. Let us elaborate. What are smart motorways? A smart motorway is a road spread equipped with modern technology to regulate traffic flow and possibly reduce congestion. Here are the three main types of smart motorways: Controlled Motorway: A road spread with a permanent hard shoulder with optimised traffic tech such as variable speed limits for adjusting t...[Read More]

What are speed limiters: A Safe Way to avoid accidents and speeding tickets?

Britan’s main highways and urban paths have speed limits set for all vehicles passing by. As subtle as the law sounds, It’s also subtle to find out what are speed limiters. It’s also true that any driver can lapse their concentration & unintentionally break them. Besides the speeding tickets taking a toll on your wallet, it’s far more dangerous for people who use roads daily. Fortunately, along with cars and bikes, many heavy vehicle drivers can now use a speed limiter function to prevent the fleet from exceeding a particular area’s speed limit. What are speed limiters meant for? A speed limiter is an adjustable and intelligent device that makes long journeys safe and easy. It’s a relief to have such a safety device as it can take all the care for ch...[Read More]

4 trucking scams (and how to avoid them)

here’s a list of five trucking scams – and more importantly, how to avoid them…

Drink drive limits: Do you have a toxic relationship with booze?

Everyone knows the penalties for drinking and driving include hefty fines and imprisonment, and can lead to death. Yet a worrying number of drivers are still caught behind the wheel when they’re over the drinking limit for driving.

Guide to the HGV road user levy

Every HGV driven in the UK is subject to the HGV road user levy.

Drivers want cameras to spot illegal phone use

A survey conducted for the RAC has revealed that 8% of drivers in the UK admit to taking part in video calls while behind the wheel.

Truck drivers ‘treated like second class citizens’

“We were being clapped along with NHS workers a few short weeks ago. People should remember if it wasn't for truckers there would be nothing on the shelves.”

What do trucking companies think of England’s roads?

A new survey has revealed that less than half of companies running trucks on England’s motorways and A-roads feel they meet their business needs.

Vegan truckers – are you up for joining the trend?

Yes, following a vegan diet when working in trucking will probably require a bit more thought and effort. But the benefits of eating a healthy diet are not to be scoffed at.

What are the UK’s drink-drive limits?

Here’s everything you need to know about the UK alcohol limit and the laws on drinking and driving.