Our opinions and long pieces regarding the trucking industry

Female truckers – on a road and app near you

There was a time when it was highly unusual to see a woman behind the wheel of a truck.

European (truck) tyre labelling explained

There are lots of ways to look after your truck’s tyres – keeping them at the right pressure and checking for optimum fuel efficiency can boost road safety and the money you can save.

Lorry mayhem in towns – calls for offenders to be targeted

The idea of people complaining about lorries in nothing new.

Guide to truck tyre regrooving

The combination of regular maintenance, the right usage, and durable casings means truck tyres last longer and can have multiple lives. 

6 spooky trucking tales

All truck drivers have a few tales to tell.

Josh Pray’s truck driver appreciation video

If you’ve never heard of the comedian Josh Pray, it’s about time you did.

Honk if you’re… happy, mad or safety conscious

What do you think if you hear the sound of a truck’s horn?

The highs and lows of truck racing at Le Mans

Sponsored by  Thelma hit the race track for the last time this year when she competed in the penultimate rounds of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship at the Le Mans Circuit. And what a track to make your 2019 farewell! The Apollo Tyres TOR Truck (aka Thelma), her driver Shane Brereton and the whole racing team had a good weekend, competing in what can only be described as some rather eventful races. An eighth-placed finish in race one meant Thelma secured pole position in race two. Suffice to say, things were looking pretty good. After the second race was red flagged to remove debris from the track, Shane claimed fourth place following a titanic battle with Championship contenders Antonio Albacete and Jochen Hahn. Race three was just as thrilling. Starting in thirteenth place in we...[Read More]

10 trucking myths

Being a truck driver is far from simple. But it’s made even harder when the rumour mill is in overdrive and people start believing the myths they hear about the profession.

The young ones: why we need 18-year-old truckers

Forget the traditional stereotypes, today’s truckers come in all shapes, races, genders, and ages.

Apollo Truck’s grand finale at Le Mans

Apollo Tyres’ TOR Truck Racing MAN truck (aka Thelma) hopes to go out on a high when the team competes in the penultimate rounds of the European Truck Racing Championship.

5 reasons truck driver leave their jobs

The trucking industry has a problem. Well, it has lots of problems, but for this article we’re talking about early leaving.