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Why avoiding tailgating is sometimes harder than you think

There are many rules when it comes to driving a truck. Some of those include staying focused, getting enough sleep, signalling early and never, ever tailgating.

Czech officials consider banning trucks from left lane

If you were asked to list Europe’s best roads, the D1 motorway in the Czech Republic would certainly not make the grade. The main roadway running between Prague and Brno doesn’t have the best of reputations. It might be the country’s busiest highway, but it seems to be in a continuous state of disrepair and the heavy congestion seems never ending.

Driver shortage affecting whole of Europe

Research has revealed the extent of the driver shortage in Europe. A new report, revealed that Europe’s road transport companies are hurtling toward a driver shortage crisis of 150,000 unfilled jobs.

Change is coming to trucking, but something’s got to give

The idea of all or nothing has its appeal. It’s a chance to get everything out of your system in one go. We might drink more than our recommended daily units in one night, but hey, that’s OK, because we’ll be booze free for the next three days (48 hours at least).

Trucks on frontline of cargo crime

New research has revealed the number one threat to trucking operations around the world: hijackings.

A rant about everything (but mostly wages)

Most truck drivers would agree the wages could be better. No, scrap that. Pretty much every truck driver would agree that the wages NEED to be a damn sight better.

Fighting the stigma around depression in trucking

Here’s a sobering fact for you: trucking is the eighth highest occupation most likely to commit suicide. To say this doesn’t make for easy reading is an understatement, but it’s a conversation we need to have.

What do you call yours?

Lots of us name our cars and trucks. It’s fun and whether you drive for a living or not, it’s nice to feel like there is a bond between human and machine.

Road tax for foreign trucks driving in France

France has decided that if foreign haulage companies want to drive on French roads, they need to contribute to their upkeep.

The future of logistics: what happened at Freight in the City 2018

[icegram campaigns=”951″] Climate issues are among the major challenges in our times. As we know, this problem does not affect only sectors such as the agriculture one or the environment one, but also the logistic sector. That is why transport companies always look for new and better ways to reduce the proportion of the emissions and improve air quality.

6 tips for driving at night

Clear roads. Those two magic words that make any truck driver want to drive through the night.

The story behind the Poppy Truck: exclusive interview

You might have heard or seen a lorry called “The Poppy Truck”, famous for the Union Jack flag painted on its body and poppies on the trailer, to celebrate and remember war veterans. If you don’t know what I am talking about… here’s what it looks like.