Our opinions and long pieces regarding the trucking industry

Mobile-detecting road signs introduced in UK

The UK has introduced road signs that electronically detect if a driver is using a mobile phone behind the wheel. The signs will flash an image of a mobile with a line through it to remind drivers not to use their phones while driving.

After-treatment could mean zero-emissions diesel engines

Internal combustion engines could provide a cheaper, cleaner alternative to electric powertrain technology in trucks.

7 most dangerous roads in Europe

When you drive for a living, routes can seem endlessly repetitive. That’s not great, but it’s a damn sight better than being faced with miles of dangerous roads.

Say ‘no’ to driverless trucks and drones

Silicon Valley may strongly believe that drones and self-driving trucks are set to transform the way goods are transported, but those in the trucking industry disagree. Passionately so.

Are fleets adhering to basic compliance?

You might assume all fleets are carrying out walk-around checks on all vehicles, but a new survey suggests this might not always be the case.

HGVs have never been safer

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has released a statement to assure drivers that HGVs have a robust safety record and have never been more motorway-safe.

We have to stop demonising diesel

If I didn’t know better, I’d say vilifying diesel had become a national pastime for politicians. But experts are warning that if this demonisation continues, much of Europe’s economic backbone could be broken.

Here’s what everyone should know about driving a truck

Driving a truck is one of the most amazing (and essential) jobs in the world. It’s the kind of job that no-one wants, but everyone wants. On one hand, we’re out on the open road without the constraints of 9-5 working hours. But that also means long periods of driving alone and a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

Uber cancels self-driving truck program

There was much hype about the self-driving truck programme Uber acquired when it bought the startup Otto in 2016.

Will social dumping ever be resolved?

With the rise of technology, the trucking industry has enough to deal with at the moment. So it would be nice to think that the problem of social dumping could be nearing a conclusion. Whether that is the case, however, is up for debate.

5 tips for healthy eating on the road

When driving long distances, it’s easy to swing by a truck stop and grab a bite to eat. But while this may be convenient, the food you end up eating is often as pricey as it is unhealthy.

Could millennials save the trucking industry?

We all like to complain about millennials, but they could be the answer to the current truck driver shortage. But how to attract millennials to the industry? It’s no mean feat, especially considering so many existing workers aged 35 or under are planning to leave the industry.