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How to save money on your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel engines are responsible for nearly half of all nitrogen oxide pollution and two-thirds of all particulate emissions. Luckily, there’s a way to minimise the impact on the environment without having to get rid of your diesel truck.

Trucker shortage spreading across Europe

The trucker shortage is now spreading across Europe at an alarming rate, says a report from the International Road Haulage Union (IRU).

What happens when you look but don’t see?

There’s no end of distractions for anyone trying to drive a truck safely. Mobiles, GPSs, lane-change warnings – they can all take a driver’s attention away from the road.

The ideal trucker companion: a dog’s life on the road

With long journeys and even longer days, life as a trucker can feel lonely. If only you had someone to talk to… Enter your four-legged friend.

5 of the strangest roads you can drive on

The easiest way to get from A to B is in a straight line. But no one wants to drive in a straight line all the time? We’d all be falling asleep at the wheel. Besides, straight lines are not always possible. As a result, it’s up to the world’s engineers to calculate the most efficient way to get between two points, navigating the rivers...

The 8 best trucks at Truck Fest

When we heard that Peterborough was hosting the Truck Fest during the early May bank holiday, we couldn’t help but go and check what this Fest was all about. Of course the name “Truck Fest” pretty much gave it away, but we ultimately found ourselves amazed at the assortment of entertainment, displays and vehicles on show. Hence our decision to select, in our opinion, the 7 “Best Looking” trucks that where on display.

The long, hard road for truckers

As any trucker knows, life on the road can be lonely. Many spend months at a time away from home and family. Living in a space of three to five square metres, they rotate between the steering wheel, gas cooker and bed. It’s not hard to understand why some might turn to alcohol for respite.

A world without truckers? It would be pretty dire…

The latest report from logistics market research company Ti shows that Europe’s road freight sector saw its fastest growth rate of 4.5% in real terms since 2009. Figures published in the European Road Freight Transport report also show that this momentum looks set to continue. Europe, like so many other regions around the globe, is heavily reliant on trucking, so it’s hard to imagine the effects if truck drivers were to suddenly stop driving. You can get some idea from events in Brazil. When Brazilian truckers went on strike for a week, it paralysed the country. Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and financial hub, declared a state of emergency, and public transport ground to a standstill as petrol stations ran out of fuel. Brazil’s President gave in to striking truckers’ demands after...[Read More]

7 ways to stay awake behind the wheel

Driving a truck often means long days and disjointed sleep schedules. It also means staying awake – or more importantly alert – for long stretches of time. It’s the only way to safe on the road. There are a number of things you can do to stay alert for longer. Here are seven for starters…   Avoid high contrast lights at night The greater the contrast between light and dark can mean the more tired your eyes feel. When the rest of your surroundings are pitch black, having a bright dashboard and headlights in front of you can wear you out. To avoid this, turn your dash lights down so they’re just bright enough to see the gauges and use soft lighting inside the cab. The other (really obvious) tip is not to look directly at oncoming headlights.   Stay cool When the temperature drops i...[Read More]

What you need to know about TFFPD: the charity organisation for truck drivers

People in the transport community know how hard driving a truck is: long hours to drive ahead, a cold cab as home for the night and away from their families most of the time. Moreover, for some unfortunate drivers, terrible accidents occur while on the road, ending up with life-changing injuries or worse, loss of life. Most of time, when such unfortunate events happen, drivers find themselves unaided, without a job and the ability to provide for their families. In this scenario the Fund for Professional Drivers, a non profit organisation, can help. We had a chat with Stephen Spalding, founder of the Fund for Professional Drivers and found out a little more about what he’s doing to help the community.   Where did you get this idea from? As a truck driver myself, I’ve been tramping for ...[Read More]

7 things your driver trainer never told you

When you’re training as a truck driver there’s a lot to take in. Driver trainers are there to take you through the essentials of driving a heavy-duty vehicle. But while they will cover a lot in these sessions, there are seven things they may not have mentioned.

Where are Europe’s deadliest roads?

Figures from the World Health Organisation have revealed Europe’s deadliest roads. According to statistics from 2016, Russian roads have the highest rate of road deaths, while roads in Norway and Switzerland are the safest.