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G Sensor: What and How does it work?

Drivers approaching fast pace in less time due to technical improvements, minor road bumps and accidents are all consequences of the human race. Vehicle manufacturers are concerned about increasing vehicle safety and reducing unwanted road-related hazards and fatalities. We cannot overestimate how far we’ve come regarding road safety. But road accidents can & still occur due to human errors. Therefore, G sensors have played a big role in safety advancement, including seat belts and airbags. This article will guide you to the most vital aspect of road safety and discuss G Sensor and its association with dashcams and functionalities. What is G Sensor? A gravity sensor, commonly known as the G Sensor, is an accelerometer on a dashcam to measure precise accelerations. Such accelerati...[Read More]

L Plates & D Plates: Everything you need to know before you drive

Drivers consider many things when it comes to learning how to drive & when is the right time to learn. But firstly, drivers have to ensure they know enough about L Plates on their vehicles before setting off for the roads. These road safety plates are a must to display by UK drivers to alert nearby road users that you’re a learner driver. While we know you’re excited to hop on your vehicle and take full advantage of your driving licence, our essential guide will help you understand how to display L plates correctly and avoid getting unwanted fines and points on your driving licence. What are L Plates? L plates, known as Learner plates, are displayed on the front and back of the vehicle to show nearby drivers that you’ve recently passed your practice test and are in co...[Read More]

Popular UK Motorway Signs all drivers should know

If you’re an aspiring driver studying for the theory test and preparing for your driving lessons, you’ll learn many things in these exciting times! Important among them is how to understand various motorway signs you’ll encounter during your journey. There are many road types & assigned road signs to those particular roads, but the most popular among them are motorway signs. The longest known motorway in the UK stretches within 300 miles, so as a certified fleet driver, you’ll get to drive on the motorway at a certain point. Therefore, the quicker you recognise all the motorway signs, the easier it will be to prevent unfortunate hazards. In this article, we’ll explore the motorway signs to remember them on the go. Blue Motorway Signs The blue background on...[Read More]

P Plates: Common Rules and Regulations

Congratulations on passing your practice test! But there is much more to learn as a new learner driver in these exciting times. While learning to drive, part of the essential requirement of the P plate to ensure other drivers that you’ve just passed your learning phase. Using the P plate on your vehicle will make other drivers sympathize with you by giving you more time to think while deciding on roundabouts and cross junctions. FleetSpeak will help you understand P plates and the legal requirements for using them on the road as a learner driver. Here are some rules and regulations every driver should be aware of before purchasing the P plate. What are P Plates? P Plates, rather known as probationary plates, are used in the UK to identify new drivers who have recently passed their dr...[Read More]

Benefits of the DVLA fleet scheme 2023

The UK government has introduced the DVLA fleet scheme to help logistic businesses with the managerial burden of maintaining a network of fleets. The DVLA fleet scheme is free for companies with more than 50 active and running fleets. Benefits include a dedicated help desk to stay connected via telephone and email, the bulk despatch of any single-day tax reminders of all registered certificates (V5Cs), and bulk processing of updated notifications for multiple vehicles without filling each V5C. Easy and reliable online access to View Vehicle Records (VVR), bulk taxing for multiple vehicles in one transaction, an online service to inform DVLA about your vehicle sale, etc. Helpdesk After joining the DVLA fleet scheme, the user will have direct access to the UK’s commercial vehicle help ...[Read More]

Top 5 Fleet Management System Benefits in 2023

Whether in a logistics sector or a fleet-dependent transportation business, fleet management systems are a prerequisite as they’ve become the IoT for transportation. Helping with many parameters, such as tracking the fleet’s location, conveying the deliverables, and reducing fuel consumption, fleet management systems help optimise the overall driving experience. But why does fleet management systems became so predominant? Handling a few fleets is relatively easy because you can hire an operator to get the delivery updates on calls. But when it comes to handling a network of fleets, management can become challenging. Therefore, drivers and managers can rely on fleet management systems to optimise the workspace. In this article, let’s explore the various benefits fleet mana...[Read More]

5 Best route planners for fleets in 2023

It’s essential to consider a few things, such as time effectiveness, cost reduction and functionality, when looking for helpful driving apps. We’ve curated the top 5 accessible route planner apps for 2023 that will satisfy your driving needs to plan the ideal route and the proper way towards your destination. These apps will offer the estimated travel distance, time and ETA. Available on Android and IOS, you can choose whichever feels convenient to your needs. You can either use them online or offline, and infact you can even use them to schedule your future journies. 1. ViaMichelin GPS Route Planner The ViaMichelin application is an immersive route planner that provides a FREE real-time traffic update with a 3D virtual environment and voice guidance. The app will automatically...[Read More]

Top 5 most common fleet warning lights and what do they mean? – Part 2

In the previous article, we’ve already explored the most common dashboard warning lights. But as fleets contain many dashboard warning lights with respect to their successor, here’s another article to explain the rest of the most common yet necessary warning lights. Regardless of your commercial or private vehicle, it’s a law of nature that any machine can stop after operating for a long time. But the in-built sensors that come pre-installed with your vehicle can significantly help save a life. Many drivers don’t know the actual meaning behind these warning lights, so it’s crucial to understand what they mean, as Ignoring them will lead you towards a significant vehicle breakdown. The dashboard warning lights have specific sensors to identify and alert the par...[Read More]

How to fit a dashcam in your fleet?

A dashcam is a small in-vehicle camera system mounted on your fleet windscreen to record everything in front and rear of the driver. Choosing the right dashcam is essential, but it’s equally necessary to ensure it’s fitted properly. The insurance company can disregard your footage, and you cannot make claims if your fleet dashcam is ill-fitted, and you may also be breaking the law. There are strict rules imposed to fit any in-vehicle equipment, and drivers should be responsible for abiding by them. If the fitted dashcam obstructs drivers’ vision, they are liable to pay the applicable charges. This article will guide you on how to fit a dashcam in your fleet and ensure you get it right the first time. How to install a dashcam in a fleet? Fleetspeak will help you understand...[Read More]

Top 5 most common fleet warning lights and what do they mean?

Vehicles are machines, regardless of which commercial or private vehicle you have. It’s natural to see it eventually break or stop operating. Thanks to the equipped sensors and dashboard warning lights, your vehicle will determine the impending cause and alert you. Most drivers are honest about not knowing all the dashboard warning lights and symbols. Instead, the blinking lights led to increased stress levels & a round to your mechanic. Whereas ignoring them will eventually break down your vehicle. You’ll encounter various fleet warning lights along the way, but it’s equally important to know which one you should prioritize when they illuminate and act accordingly. How to determine the situation’s urgency by the symbolic colours? Colour Priority Protocol RED Da...[Read More]

Intensive driving course: Do this before 2023?

Before passing the practical driving test by DVSA, learner drivers must partake in an average of 47 lessons over the course of six months to a year. If you are in a hurry to become a certified driver but don’t want to spend so much time behind the wheel learning to drive, the intensive driving course could be the right choice for you. An Intensive driving course, known as a crash course, can be done in a short period but costs intensive driver training with juggling over 4-5 hours of training per day. In this article, we’ll explore if an intensive course is a right decision for learner drivers before the beginning of 2023 so you can plan ahead for your success. Things to know before starting an intensive driving course in 2023 Before starting your intensive driving course, you&...[Read More]

How to save money from dashcam insurance for your vehicle?

Dashcams are built-in, convenient tools which have many advantages. Regarding dashcam insurance for vehicles, they can actively help strengthen the claim if the driver goes through a road accident. All the leading insurers (some even offer 20% annual discount for using dash cam) in the UK have made dashcam footage legally accepted as a piece of evidence to be used when it’s time to claim. This article explains the benefits of using a dashcam, how dashcam insurance for your vehicle can be claimed and whether you can lower your dashcam insurance premiums. A dashcam is an in-vehicle dashboard camera utilised to document your journey using audio and video. Providing a front view and sometimes a rare view of your vehicle, dash cams are getting increasingly affordable due to their rising p...[Read More]