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PDI vs ADI driving instructors – Which should I pick?

The most crucial part of learning to drive is making the most important decisions before pursuing the training. The process of learning how to drive should be gratifying. It has been challenging to know what to do since the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has recently updated the requirements for becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Learner drivers search for good driving instructors because of the vast requirements of skills and teaching techniques. Therefore, once you know the difference between ADI & PDI, it’ll ease your experience. There are over 46,985 registered ADI driving instructors in the UK, with over 2,228 trainee PDI instructors. In this article, you’ll learn how to recognize the difference between an ADI driving instructor and a PDI drivin...[Read More]

Top 5 Signs of a good driving instructor – FleetSpeak Explains

Choosing the proper driving instructor can make or break your learning experience. This person will assist you through a challenging procedure that needs everyone’s collaboration, persistence, and efficient communication. Therefore, you must find the right fit if you want to succeed. There’s no need to act like Goldilocks in this situation. Being merely human, driving instructors may not initially seem like ideal candidates for the position. We advise considering your learning preferences and driving instructors before beginning. Want to ease the situation a little bit? Below are the top five qualities that all competent driving instructors must have. Your driving experience will start with the finest possible foundation if you keep these things in mind when looking for a drivi...[Read More]

What are the UK’s top 10 best motorway service stations?

The M6’s Rugby Services has been recognised as the UK’s top motorway service station. In a customer satisfaction study carried out by Transport Focus, Moto’s website received a perfect 100 in day-to-day customer satisfaction. Transport Focus interviewed more than 31,000 visitors to 119 motorway facilities in Great Britain to find out how they felt about the restrooms, the employees, the quality of the food and drink, charging stations for electric vehicles, and the effect their visit had on the mood of the drivers. The motorway service stations have again done well in their sixth year of the poll, with 93% of tourists satisfied with the visits. Moto operates five of the top ten best service stations, with its Donnington Park location coming in second. “As many peopl...[Read More]

How to prevent roadway accidents involving pedestrians

Many pedestrians believe that drivers will readily see them and stop their cars. However, studies show that drivers frequently need to react in time due to excessive traffic, dangerous road conditions, and numerous distractions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 92% of pedestrian deaths in vehicle crashes are attributed to events involving fleets. In this article, let’s explore how drivers can be more cautious when it comes to pedestrian safety and prevent any unfortunate roadway accidents. Why do pedestrians need your drivers’ attention? People and circumstances that your drivers might encounter while operating a vehicle for your company are listed below. Awareness of these issues before getting behind the wheel will only help drivers to be more resp...[Read More]

Fleet Dash cams – Answering the top 5 most asked questions

The best Dash cams for fleets are the ones that can provide good features, price, quality & ease of use. A semi-truck dash cam is the best solution to help save drivers in conjunctions from erroneous claims and penalties, as well as to lower insurance rates, expedite claims, and encourage safe driving. Typically, a dash cam designed for non-commercial passenger vehicles needs to be improved for fleets as they are fixated on capturing the view from a lower angle and clarity. In this article, let’s explore fleet dash cams and answer the most asked questions. What are dash cams? A dash cam is an in-vehicle camera mounted on the windscreen that records everything happening in front of the driver and occasionally in the rear. It can help drivers save money on their insurance and serve as im...[Read More]

5 Top tips to know how to use clutch control

One of the most challenging aspects of learning to drive a manual vehicle is getting a grip on clutch control. Additionally, it’s crucial for passing your test because it allows you to pull over, move slowly, and perform hill starts without stalling or jolting the vehicle ahead. Although it can take some time, most drivers discover that clutch control soon becomes a part of their driving habits. In this article, we’ve compiled 5 top tips to master this talent. First, let’s define clutch control, discuss locating the required bite point and discuss how to master the technique in five easy steps. What is Clutch Control? In a nutshell, the clutch transmits your engine’s power to your wheels through the gearbox. When the clutch is fully depressed, the engine is disconnected from the wheels, an...[Read More]

New Driving Laws UK 2022 – Everything you need to know

The UK’s driving regulations have undergone several changes since 2022; the most recent ones were enacted in July after the Highway Code revisions in June. However, other new driving laws that go into effect this month are cautioned upon by drivers. Drivers and fleets have responded to new and growing rules and regulations to maintain UK roads as safe as possible. All road users, including bicycles and pedestrians, who are frequently seen as the most vulnerable, are protected by the adjustments. In this article, let’s cover the most recent updates. Tougher Restrictions on Mobile Phones It is already forbidden to text or talk on the phone while driving if it is not an emergency. By 2022, it will be against the law to use a phone while driving to play games, browse playlists, tak...[Read More]

When is the best time for driver training? – FleetSpeak Explains

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a professional driving certification required to operate a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). You can take a variety of training programmes to obtain the Driver CPC. Your local training opportunities will vary. Depending on which course you decide to take or which is given to you, you might be eligible for assistance with some or all of the costs. Driver training is essential to run a fleet safely and effectively, but more importantly, when should it be done? Start of their Employment By giving new hires training, employers can ensure that each driver is competent and knowledgeable about driver safety techniques and the UK’s road laws. Additionally, it ensures they adopt their new employer’s culture regarding traffic safet...[Read More]

Can I drive a Fleet in Europe on weekends or bank holidays?

Can you drive an HGV in Europe on weekends or on bank holidays? The answer is: It depends on which country you are driving in and the load you carry. Most countries in mainland Europe impose prohibitions on driving a commercial vehicle over a particulate weight on Sundays and public holidays. Some countries can extend these widespread summer weekends, while others have commercial vehicle prohibitions on particular roads and times. Although there are no normal restrictions on vans but it’s always suggested to check the details of the country you plan to drive in. Holidays are coming: Coca-Cola Christmas truck near you. Here’s some information for a few popular destinations you might drive in: UNITED KINGDOM In the United Kingdom, there are no driving restrictions on the weekends...[Read More]

How Fleet Transmission Works – FleetSpeak Explains

Ever tried to question what’s going on beneath the floor of your fleet when you push down the accelerator? Mostly it’s thought that the engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle. While machines help convert fuel into mechanical energy, they’d be useless without transmission. A fleet transmission uses engine rotation while navigating through a comprehensive mechanism and turns the drive wheels to transport tonnes of cargo. Let’s clear up what it means when we say transmission in the UK: As in the United States, fleet transmission means the gearbox itself. But in the UK, the term fleet transmission defines the whole drivetrain of the truck (including the gearbox, clutch and driveshafts). Let’s have a look at how they work. Also Read: How to check your vehicle...[Read More]

Driving in the Country VS Driving in the City: Know the Differences

For the little country, the UK has a vast variety of roads. Starting a long journey often involves comprehensive planning. Do you prefer more urban or country roads? One may provide spectacular scenic views, while others have straight (easy-to-follow) routes. Whichever you want to plan, you’ll soon realize that each terrain has its own quirks. These factors need you to adapt your driving accordingly and expect the cues and hazards beforehand. Types of Road Users City Many people often commute to urban areas for work and time-out during rush hours. This means you might be surrounded by more cars, motorcycles, busses and lorries hauling workers and tourists to the city. Basically, looking at a large number of vehicles, you can easily expect queues during rush hours. In this heavy traff...[Read More]

Driving Benefits – 3 Mental Health Benefits of Driving

Driving is not just about going from point A to point B. Vehicles bring communities together and give everyone a sense of independence to go out and explore the world. A sense of being independent, being close to nature, meeting our family and making new friends: driving provides many more mental health benefits than you might consider. In this article, let’s see what impact your driving licence has on your well-being and let our thorough research reveal which drives you found more enjoyable, ways driving improve your life and your favourite travel stories of all time. 1. Trust the Journey, Not the Destinations We know it’s important to get somewhere fast. But overwhelmingly, scenic roads with the most direct route are preferable for drivers to rural driving on the dull grey of...[Read More]