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Driving in the Country VS Driving in the City: Know the Differences

For the little country, the UK has a vast variety of roads. Starting a long journey often involves comprehensive planning. Do you prefer more urban or country roads? One may provide spectacular scenic views, while others have straight (easy-to-follow) routes. Whichever you want to plan, you’ll soon realize that each terrain has its own quirks. These factors need you to adapt your driving accordingly and expect the cues and hazards beforehand. Types of Road Users City Many people often commute to urban areas for work and time-out during rush hours. This means you might be surrounded by more cars, motorcycles, busses and lorries hauling workers and tourists to the city. Basically, looking at a large number of vehicles, you can easily expect queues during rush hours. In this heavy traff...[Read More]

Driving Benefits – 3 Mental Health Benefits of Driving

Driving is not just about going from point A to point B. Vehicles bring communities together and give everyone a sense of independence to go out and explore the world. A sense of being independent, being close to nature, meeting our family and making new friends: driving provides many more mental health benefits than you might consider. In this article, let’s see what impact your driving licence has on your well-being and let our thorough research reveal which drives you found more enjoyable, ways driving improve your life and your favourite travel stories of all time. 1. Trust the Journey, Not the Destinations We know it’s important to get somewhere fast. But overwhelmingly, scenic roads with the most direct route are preferable for drivers to rural driving on the dull grey of...[Read More]

Drunk Driving – Laws and Penalties in the UK

You know how it goes: You are at a party, and your friends persuade you to have another drink. That other drink turns into three more before you decide to head home. Now that you are out & about drunk, you can’t be bothered taking out the cab money. Perhaps it won’t be a big deal. You only live the next block – right? At FleetSpeak, safety is our first priority. Therefore, these risks are just not worth taking. You’re jeopardising not only your own safety but also everyone on the road. Also, this is considered a severe crime by law, you are pulling yourself into some significant legal problems. As we don’t wish you to spend holidays locked up in a cell, read on to ensure you’re familiar with the rules. Find some safety tips at last for some additiona...[Read More]

3 Rules for Driving With One Eye? – FleetSpeak Explains

UK drivers are required to follow some very strict eyesight rules to drive legally on roads. In the case of drivers who have monocular vision (one-sighted vision), would it legally affect you and your ability to drive? You might be experiencing vision loss in one eye before even considering learning how to drive or years after getting your licence. Either way, here’s what Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) says in such a case. Whether you need to inform your insurance company or retain resources to help adapt to driving with one eye. What are the rules for driving with one eye? Applying for your licence Warning: We strongly suggest you inform the DVLA if your monocular vision is caused after or before getting your licence (Especially if you are a fleet driver). Regardless of ...[Read More]

Driving with Medical Conditions – Everything you Need to Know.

Across the UK, over a million people make their living as drivers to support themselves with their medical conditions. But, do you know there are more than 100 medical conditions you need to inform the Driving & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) before operating any vehicle? Such conditions are called Notifiable Conditions. The rules for operating can vastly vary, examining the nature of the condition. Some will permit you for further driving, while others can cause your licence to surrender. It’s essential to inform any notifiable medical conditions to the DVLA as soon as you are diagnosed or have started learning to drive. If you don’t declare your state (either known or diagnosed), a fine of £1000 will be taken action against you & your vehicle will be seized. Your ins...[Read More]

Health and Safety Legislation Checklist for Fleet Drivers

Are you an employee in general haulage & warehousing or wholesale and retail liquids? While every delivery is made in each particular sector, the drivers are exposed to potential hazards that might arise from several things. According to the HSE road haulage safety, nearly 60 employees are killed, and an estimated 5000 are injured in haulage and distribution over the course of 5 years. Health and safety legislation is considered lengthy paperwork with red tapes, expenses and jaded rules that are difficult to understand. So, the below information is provided to help all the employers on the road businesses and our FleetSpeak readers to understand easily & do a better job of ensuring the health and safety legislation at work. Managing health and safety legislation Understanding the f...[Read More]

Bristol Clean Air Zone Expected Launch in June 2022

According to the Health Impact reports of London, there are an estimated 75,000 older, more polluting vehicles in the higher grounds of London currently. Due to which the Bristol clean air zone (CAZ) was issued where these non-compliant vehicles will be charged. Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has already confirmed the UK government will support the CAZ scheme. “We will be introducing the most wide-ranging clean air zones in the UK which will not only reduce the noise pollution on the roads but will also help change how we travel by delivering the city with a clean, green & healthy lifestyle.” Said Marvin Rees.   Mr Rees has also added before, “With great responsibility & ambition to reduce pollution in the UK, we also want to minimise any consequences impacting citizen...[Read More]

Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map: Timing & Charges

What is Clean Air Zone (CAZ)? Before considering the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map, let’s figure out what CAZ means. CAZ (Clean Air Zones) is a specific region in which prime measures are imposed to improve the air quality of that area. CAZ can be confined within a particular road or a whole block of the city that affects all the commercial and non-commercial vehicles with a charge or fine for entering. Initially, in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map, there are two types of Clean Air Zone i.e., ‘Charging’ and ‘Non-Charging’ In a Charging Area, all the Commercial and non-commercial vehicle drivers are charged with a fee to enter the CAZ if their vehicle does not meet the Environment Standard Requirement. The Environment Standard Requirement in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map is most...[Read More]

HGV drivers deserve promised support for sleeping locations

Promised government support to help HGV drivers in the UK with sleeping and parking spaces has not been delivered, Logistics UK says.

3,253 bus and HGV drivers lose licence because of eyesight

A shocking number of bus and HGV drivers have lost their driving licences because they have failed an eyesight test after being stopped by the police.

A trucker’s diet may affect their skills

Research has revealed that truck drivers with a poor diet may be increasing their risk of dangerous and fatigued driving.

Covid-19 testing for lorry drivers entering UK

New coronavirus rules applying to hauliers from outside the UK has come into effect on 6 April.