General news about the trucking industry

When driving skills go bad

No one said driving a truck was easy.

Unexpected fireworks display

There’s not much cause to celebrate in the event of a traffic accident.

Sexy number plates row

A new number plate has got some road users a bit hot under the collar.

Can InstaFreight offer road freight something different?

The road freight industry has a lack of digitisation across large parts of the market and this is leading to fragmentation and low visibility into operations.

Trucker shortages in the EU: it’s a growing problem

The driver shortage in Europe is a real – and growing – threat.

Banksy truck fails to sell at auction

Most of the time, people can’t get enough of Banksy’s work, but a 17-tonne lorry spray painted by the artist has failed to sell at auction.

Amazon’s xmas ad is super happy. But what about the dark side of the delivery industry?

Christmas is not yet here, but the Christmas ads certainly are.

Belgian police find 12 people ‘safe and well’ in lorry

A week after UK police launched a murder investigation into the death of 39 people, Belgian police say they have found 12 people “safe and well” in a refrigerated lorry.

Holidays are coming: Coca-Cola Christmas truck near you

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck has come to signal the start of the festive season for many people. Now in its ninth year, the iconic truck is once again touring the UK, finishing at London’s O2 Arena on 15 December. Stopping at various locations across the country, it be complete with sample cans, winter wonderland scenes, photo opportunities and personalised bottles of Coke (to buy). As part of its partnership with the homeless charity Crisis, Coca-Cola will also be helping reunite friends and families around the country and donating 10% for every sample can recycled on the tour. But any wanna-be truckers may be disappointed. Visitors are not allowed to sit in the truck’s cab or access the trailer (it will be too crammed full of cans of Coke for that). Which, considering the current shorta...[Read More]

Why this trucker is running for Congress

Joshua Collins, a 25-year-old truck driver in the States, has been driving for five years with his wife. He also happens to be running in the Democratic primary election in Washington and believes drivers’ conditions are what led him to do so.

Uber Freight continues its journey into Europe

Uber is launching a freight platform in Germany in the race to get a share of Europe’s €350 billion trucking market.

Truck speed limit change boosts productivity in UK

A UK report claims that allowing vehicles weighing more than 7.5 tonnes to travel 10 mph faster has saved businesses millions a year – and may have improved road safety too.