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Truck makers worried about CO2 emissions limits

In February, the EU reached a tentative deal on CO2 emission limits for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The rules require that between 2025 and 2029, new trucks must emit an average of 15% less CO2 compared to this year’s emission levels.

If Alfa Romeo made trucks…

Alfa Romeo cars are things of beauty. The Italian car maker has a long history of producing some of the most stylish road and race cars around. But what if Alfa Romeo were to turn its hand to truck making?

The end of trucks as we know them

Could it be the end of the road for the brick-shaped cab? The EU has brought forward its plans to introduce more aerodynamic truck designs in an effort to reduce fuel consumption. An agreement by European lawmakers means that truck makers can now...

Somewhere and nowhere road signs confusing drivers

Which way would you turn if you had the choice between turning right to ‘somewhere’ or left to ‘nowhere’? Villagers in a Somerset village in the UK are reportedly so fed up with drivers speeding along their quiet roads, they have changed the road signs to deter them.

Should the highway code be taught in schools?

Should pupils be taught the highway code as part of the school curriculum? It’s an interesting question, and it seems logical that such a move would improve knowledge among young drivers and make the roads safer.

Daimler vs Tesla. Again…

Daimler Trucks are world-class business and for many, what they say about the trucking industry goes. Although, Tesla may disagree…

Beware, dirty trucks ahead

Truckers have been warned that dirty trucks could cause safety risks. According to Australia’s National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, dirt on truck parts could mean dangerous flaws are missed during visual safety inspections.

BYD takes on trucks

BYD Auto, the Chinese electric car manufacturer is branching out from buses to trucks. Recently launched in Spain, the pedestrian pallet truck was one of a number of new BYD vehicles. These electric trucks and vans are already sold in China and other markets, but not in Europe. BYD have confirmed that it will be launching a range of 100% electric heavy vehicles. Speaking about the launch, Isbrand Ho, managing director, of BYD Europe, said: “This is a highly significant step for BYD.” He continued by saying the company was confident that its etrucks would win sales success even though the European sector is intensely competitive. Javier Contijoch, vice president of sales at BYD Europe, added: “BYD established its European electric truck division in 2018 and has since tested two of its proto...

Ban on 10-year-old tyres?

The UK government is considering banning trucks, buses, coaches and minibuses from using tyres that are more than ten years old. It plans to consult on legislation that would make it illegal for decade-old tyres to be used on larger vehicles. This announcement comes after persistent campaigning led by Frances Molloy, whose 18-year-old son Michael was among three people killed in 2012 when a coach crashed because its front tyres were 19 years old. In November last year, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency guidance was amended to say tyres that are ten years or older should not be used on the front axles of HGVs, as well as buses and coaches. The UK’s Transport Research Laboratory has also been working with a leading laboratory in the US to conduct tyre testing and analysis. The results of t...

Is electric truck technology making progress?

Unlike light vehicles, the commercial vehicle sector has largely avoided the emissions scandal. However, there is increasing political pressure to regulate heavy-duty CO2 emissions.

Digitising the trucking supply chain

As ecommerce harnesses an increasing amount of technology, it’s no surprise that these technologies have started to make their way down the supply chain.

Renault’s 2019 models comply with CO2 emissions regs

Renault’s Euro-6 Step D-compliant drivelines for its new 2019 models deliver fuel savings compared to current generation trucks.

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