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London Borough of Hackney – Environmental update

The London borough of Hackney has already saved thousands of pounds using the way they manage their fleets, but they don’t seem to stop dwelling on their achievements. Hackney has identified the purchasing power through their coordinated procurement program and planning to take a step further. The fleets include of total 380 vehicles with HGVs, company cars, light commercial vans, welfare busses, and refuse vehicles; the power of 450 employees driving their own cars on job sites is well known as the ‘grey’ fleet. Up until recently, the local authority corporate fleet manager Norman Harding has been held to change the sourcing of vehicles through individual departments. Harding became part of the council in February 2007 and had the first permanent membership in the fleet ...[Read More]

Sheffield Clean Air Zone plans to further delay by 2023

Plans to bring Sheffield Clean Air Zone into effect have been delayed again. The goal was to initiate charging drivers with vans, taxis, buses, coaches and lorries who do not comply with Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 emission standards in the near time. But the UK council has now announced the start of the Sheffield Clean Air Zone will probably be starting next year. Vehicles with no heavyweight will be charged £10 per day as the HGVs, and other types will have to pay £50 for the entry. As per the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the latest news on the CAZ scheme is said to be forgotten until recently; a council document has reportedly been extracted to the public that they would bring the scheme into effect no later than this year’s end. The Sheffield Clean Air Zone scheme was first ann...[Read More]

MV Commercial reaches new heights with the 50th Hiab 858 crane

MV Commercial are celebrating supplying their 50th Volvo FH 540 tractor unit fitted with a Hiab 858 crane. The 858 EP-6 HiPro crane offers unparalleled lift and reach capacity and has been one of the most popular heavy-mounted cranes for MV Commercial. Headquartered in Airdrie, Scotland, MV Commercial specialises in the supply of high specification dry freight, construction, and crane trucks, with a hire fleet of more than 1,600 vehicles. The firm has a unique ‘In Stock, Ready to Go’ fleet of more than 200 units. And in the last five years, MV has supplied more than 350 Hiab mounted crane trucks to a wide variety of sectors nationwide.   ‘Well-known in the industry as crane specialists’ Steven Cairns, the managing director at MV Commercial, said: “Th...[Read More]

M E Saunders & Sons sign up for three Volvo FM trucks

Bulk transport operator M E Saunders & Sons has taken delivery of a new Volvo FM 500 Globetrotter 6×2 tractor unit, with two more set to follow.  The three new FMs replace trucks from a rival manufacturer in the business’ 18-strong fleet. Working out of various quarries in Cumbria and delivering a range of aggregates to the firm’s customer base across the north of England, the trucks have been chosen due to Volvo’s proven reliability and the excellent working environment provided by the latest version of the FM. ‘Long tradition of running Volvos’ Rowland Saunders, Co-owner of the family-run firm, says: “We’ve had a long tradition of running Volvos and chose them again this time because we have always found the Volvos to be more reliab...[Read More]

Farrall’s Group impressed with the Scania CNG HGV trial

Farrall’s Group and Knauf Insulation have been working with CNG Fuels UK to trial a Scania Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) HGV to see how a greener fuel alternative would help reduce their carbon footprint.  The vehicle was trialled throughout January & February on Farrall’s Groups’ South Wales operation dedicated to Knauf Insulation.  The results of the trial proved that they would see a 90% reduction in CO2 produced per truck per annum.  As a result, Farrall’s Group is planning to order its first batch of CNG vehicles to be fully operational in 2023. ‘Results from the Scania CNG trial’ Farrall’s Group managing director, Matthew Farrall, said: “We’ve been amazed by the results from the Scania CNG trial and seeing the re...[Read More]

Bath clean air zone: Check your vehicle and pay the charge

If your vehicle does not meet the UK’s emission standards, be ready to pay a daily charge whenever you enter the Bath clean air zone (CAZ). All the registered vehicles such as lorries, vans & buses are being charged for driving inside the Bath clean air zone from 16 March. Although there are many clean air zones issued by the UK government, including Birmingham & Bristol, the bath clean air zone is one of a kind outside the England capital. A clean air zone (CAZ) is a health measure imposed to improve the air quality of a particular area & commercial vehicles which are non-compliant & do not meet the vehicle emission standards will be expected to pay a daily charge. According to the Bath & North East Somerset Council, the process should’ve been cut to legal ...[Read More]

Fleets can now pay the tyne tunnel toll cash-free!

Drivers visiting through the Tyne Tunnels are no longer obligated to use cash as a primary source to pay the toll fare. The Tyne Tunnel toll has transformed into a cashless open road tolling called the ‘Tyne Pass.’ The Tyne Pass will allow the drivers to pass straight through the tunnel without stopping by at a toll to pay the fare for cars, vans & busses. The use of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System will be considered to record the vehicle’s number plates throughout the toll field. Small vehicles will still have to pay the fare, such as motorcycles, but Tyne tunnel users are no longer obligated to pay the fare at the toll plaza. This is precise because of the newly introduced payment options such as the pre-paid top-up accounts or after journey paym...[Read More]

Bristol Clean Air Zone Expected Launch in June 2022

According to the Health Impact reports of London, there are an estimated 75,000 older, more polluting vehicles in the higher grounds of London currently. Due to which the Bristol clean air zone (CAZ) was issued where these non-compliant vehicles will be charged. Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has already confirmed the UK government will support the CAZ scheme. “We will be introducing the most wide-ranging clean air zones in the UK which will not only reduce the noise pollution on the roads but will also help change how we travel by delivering the city with a clean, green & healthy lifestyle.” Said Marvin Rees.   Mr Rees has also added before, “With great responsibility & ambition to reduce pollution in the UK, we also want to minimise any consequences impacting citizen...[Read More]

Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map: Timing & Charges

What is Clean Air Zone (CAZ)? Before considering the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map, let’s figure out what CAZ means. CAZ (Clean Air Zones) is a specific region in which prime measures are imposed to improve the air quality of that area. CAZ can be confined within a particular road or a whole block of the city that affects all the commercial and non-commercial vehicles with a charge or fine for entering. Initially, in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map, there are two types of Clean Air Zone i.e., ‘Charging’ and ‘Non-Charging’ In a Charging Area, all the Commercial and non-commercial vehicle drivers are charged with a fee to enter the CAZ if their vehicle does not meet the Environment Standard Requirement. The Environment Standard Requirement in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone Map is most...[Read More]

RHA reveals plans to combat driver shortage

Driver recruitment in the UK is reaching a crisis point – and now the Road Haulage Association want the Government to do something about it.

What’s the difference between HGV or LGV Class 1 and 2?

what’s the difference between an HGV or LGV licence? Or what’s the difference between HGV or LGV Class 1 and 2?

Councils to issue fines for minor motoring offences

New proposals being drafted by the Department for Transport (DfT) could give local councils more powers to issue penalty fines to motorists.