General news about the trucking industry

Government announces suspension of HGV levy

The Government has announced that the HGV Levy for UK-based and foreign trucks will be suspended for 12 months from 1 August 2020, the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK reports.

Research reveals pandemic effect on road freight turnover

European road freight companies are expected to see a 17% decrease in annual turnover this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, according to industry estimates. 

Changes to DQC expiry date rules

If you’re an HGV driver, you’ll be aware that certain road transport rules have been relaxed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But are you up to date with the latest information around Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) cards, also known as Driver Qualification Cards (DQC)?

Covid-19: how vaccine transportation could be the next challenge for fleets

The process of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing the Coronavirus vaccine has been called “the biggest logistical challenge the world has ever faced”. And commercial vehicles – particularly refrigerated trucks – will have a crucial role to play.

Commercial drivers’ ‘Covid caution’ wearing off

Risky driving behaviours among the UK’s commercial fleets are starting to return to pre-Covid levels, according to new data. 

Government insurance guarantee boosts truck firms

Struggling road haulage firms are in line to benefit from the government’s new £10bn insurance guarantee to protect firms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most trucks ‘not ready’ for London permit scheme

Less than a quarter of fleet managers whose trucks operate within London are completely ready for the capital’s upcoming HGV permit scheme, according to a new survey.

Truck MOTs to restart in July

Now the DVSA has said that if your MOT was due in March or April 2020, you have two three-month extensions, while if it was due in May, June, July or August, you get only one three-month extension.

Pandemic job swap: Glampsite worker to lorry driver

The latest extraordinary story is that of a glampsite worker who transitioned to become a lorry driver at the start of the outbreak.

Lorry drivers exempt from new UK quarantine rule

Fortunately, to ensure the supply of goods is not disrupted, quarantine does not apply to lorry drivers.

Freight industry anger over pop-up cycle routes

Road haulage industry bodies have criticised Department for Transport plans to widen pavements and introduce pop-up cycle routes as lockdown is lifted. 

Warning over “added risk” as drivers return to the road

Let’s be honest, the roads have been a dream during lockdown. With such little traffic on the road, it’s never been easier to reach your drop-offs on time – perhaps even ahead of time.