General news about the trucking industry

EU sets up ‘green lanes’ to ease freight congestion during coronavirus

The European Commission has issued instructions on how to reduce bottlenecks at border crossings, deploying new ‘green lanes’ designed to keep road freight moving during the coronavirus outbreak.

Just one person died on Oslo’s roads last year

Only one person died as a result of traffic accidents in Oslo in 2019.

French mayor uses black humour to reduce speeding

The mayor of a French village has taken the issue of speeding into his own hands and created some darkly comedic additions to existing road signs.

Simple unloading hack revealed

A trucker has been videoed executing a rather unorthodox – but highly effective – way of unloading items from the back of his trailer.

Eddie Stobart: Rescue deal saves iconic British truck company

The collapse of UK trucking company Eddie Stobart has been averted following shareholder approval of a £55 million bailout.

Driver so drunk he fell from his cab onto motorway

A Polish truck driver was so drunk while driving he fell out of the cab onto the motorway.

Did I hit something?

A truck in Spain has been caught on camera driving with a car wedged under its cab.

Cattle truck becomes vehicle for animal liberation

We’ve all seen some strange things on the road, but a herd of cows making a run for it?

Amazon truck gets stuck under railway bridge making residents night sleepless

A HGV got stuck across a narrow road giving a sleepless night to people living in Lichfield. 

Coronavirus creating a new headache for trucking

The coronavirus, which started in the Hubei province of China, is causing disruption to the global supply chain.

Amazon truck loses control in high winds

Have you seen the video of an Amazon truck being blown off the road in high winds?

Trucker gives hilarious commentary on nervy driver

A truck driver in New York has filmed a driver repeatedly stalling their engine and given an amusing commentary about their progress (or lack of it!)