General news about the trucking industry

Trucks in trouble

Luckily, it’s not something that happens often, but trucks can get into all sorts of scrapes. A quick Google search reveals a few recent incidents… A truck carrying barrels of cider in the UK caught fire recently and was ‘well alight’ by the time firefighters arrived at the scene. It took them about an hour to put out the fire and no one was injured. Mind you, a lot of cider was wasted. Meanwhile, in the US a number of trucks ended up being swallowed up in Florida when the ground beneath them opened up. Several trucks fell victim to a sinkhole that is estimated to be at least 30-feet wide. Finally, a classic truck predicament – hitting a bridge. Over to Ireland for this one. The driver of a truck carrying heavy machinery hit the underside of a railway bridge causing a JCB to fall into the ...[Read More]

Amazon wants us to know it is not undercutting the road freight market

Amazon has denied it plans to undercut the road freight market after the launch of its new online freight brokerage service.

German truckers manipulated emissions devices

Hundreds of trucks in Germany have been manipulated to save money by shutting down exhaust treatment systems.

Off-the-shelf trucks from Mercedes

The WorkReady programme from Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides operators with off-the-shelf trucks at very short notice.

The truck driver v the cyclist. Again

When it comes to road rage, no one comes out on top.

Where are the safest and most dangerous roads in Europe?

The European Commission has published its 2018 road safety statistics, and the news is better for drivers in some countries than others.

Police operation targets truckers

Police in the UK have been targeting HGV drivers, issuing hundreds of traffic offence reports as a result.

Uber Freight sets its sights on Europe

The launch of Uber Freight in Europe has been broadly welcomed. The ever-increasing driver shortage is not going away – if anything, it’s going to get worse – and the lack of drivers is reaching a critical point.

New Volvo FH to cut fuel costs by 7%

For anyone regularly racking up the miles, vehicle fuel efficiency must be a consideration. Which is why Volvo Trucks is launching Volvo FH with I-Save as a way to offer its customers greater efficiency....

CO2 targets for trucks currently unachievable

The EU has proposed ambitious CO2 emissions targets, but without the recharging and refuelling infrastructure for electric and alternatively-powered trucks, those targets may not be reached...

Crank it up!

Pulling tarps, cranking gears, and shifting freight. Plenty of people would baulk at the idea, but for truckers it’s just one part of the job.

Truck price fixing hearing set for June

The hearing to decide whether truck cartel compensation claims can go ahead will be heard in June. An order has been issued to earmark 3-7 June for the Competition Appeal Tribunal to decide on the application to bring collective claims.

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