General news about the trucking industry

Virtual truck racing championship to kick off on Sunday the 24th of May

When the FIA ETRC (European Truck Racing Championship) announced this year’s championship would be postponed until the end of 2020, our hearts skipped a beat, as we were looking forward to seeing trucks fighting each other to reach the pole position. But all is not lost as a virtual truck racing championship is starting from this Sunday the 24th of May. The virtual truck racing season will feature 8 events and is only open to full-season entrants of the FIA ETRC and will also see ETRC drivers who have been granted a special entry.The truck racing drivers that were supposed to race in the real-life event, will compete against each other in the already famous video game by Nintendo. The virtual races will take place on Sundays with the first round being held on 24 May at the Hungarorin...[Read More]

Drivers given automatic licence extension to ‘keep Britain moving’

The UK government has moved to clear up the issue surrounding drivers whose vocational licences are set to expire during 2020.

DAF truck production resumes in Europe

DAF factories that were forced to close because of Covid-19 are reopening across Europe.

Scania takes to the road to give back to #TransportHeroes

Scania is sending out its hospitality trailer to serve complimentary refreshments to the truck drivers.

Hauliers forced to park fleets as work dries up

Almost half (46%) of haulier’s lorries in the UK have been taken off the road since the coronavirus outbreak started.

Dormant vehicles risk hefty repair bills

With fleets being forced to park up as work dries up due to the restrictions put in place to manage the coronavirus pandemic, haulage firms have warned that they could face big repair bills when they put their vehicles back into action.

You can now apply with your phone to enter the Euro Tunnel

As you might know, to transit through French territory is required a paper certificate. This announcement follows the implementation of the Prime Minister’s instruction regarding the decisions made to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

Truckers denied option to wash hands

Truck drivers in the UK are being told they cannot use toilet and handwashing facilities at hubs servicing major UK businesses. At a time when we are being told to wash our hands more frequently and for longer, this seems nonsensical.

More female drivers could cut road fatalities, according to research

Transport companies should look to add more women to their workforce to improve safety, according to researchers at the University of Westminster.

Lack of PPE making it “impossible” for drivers to follow government guidelines

Truckers were recently called “first responders” by the CEO of an industry group in the US. After all, they’re carrying essentials around the country, ensuring everybody is fed and watered during the coronavirus crisis.

Truckers making sacrifices during coronavirus crisis

Truckers are having to make some significant sacrifices at the moment, with many working long hours to keep supply chains flowing during the coronavirus crisis. One driver even missed his daughter taking her first steps.

#LoveLogistics: the movement launched to support logistics essential workers during the covid-19 pandemic

Like every industry, logistics and transportation is facing big changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, and as with all change, this brings both risk and opportunity.  We’re all well aware just how important logistics is at this challenging time, with workers putting in some serious hours to keep supply chains flowing – often putting themselves at risk. But, we think the sector doesn’t always get the credit it deserves.  That is why Fleet Speak, in collaboration with Connected2, are taking a stand and launching the #LoveLogistics campaign to show everybody that logistics matter. We want people to know the great job these people are doing to allow everyone to be safe in their homes, with food on their tables. We want to show the respect and support these essential workers deserve, no...[Read More]