General news about the trucking industry

Why aren’t there more space truckers?

There was a time when our screens were awash with truckers. These days they are few and far between. And this might be one of the reasons why a new YouTube show has got people talking.

Can VR boost driver safety?

Truck companies are always looking for ways to improve safety, and virtual reality (VR) is their latest tool to do so. VR training simulations are being introduced by companies such as UPS as part of their new driver safety exercises.

Why so few women truckers?

The numbers are growing, but there’s more work to be done to get women into trucking. Speaking ahead of International Women’s Day on 8 March, Ellen Voie, president and CEO of the Women in Trucking Association, said: “There are more women, just not enough.”

How AI Is transforming trucking

We hear the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning a lot these days. But let’s be honest, how many people really understand what they mean? Seeing as AI and machine learning are increasingly being used in association with the trucking industry, I feel it’s time we all had a crash course on the subject.

Amazon wants a slice of the transportation pie

Some estimates put the number of transactions conducted by Amazon at three million every single day. So, when the worst-kept secret in trucking finally came out, it raised an eyebrow or two. Amazon is extending its reach into transportation and logistics.

Let’s talk about that bridge idea

When Britain’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson said it was about time Britain and France were linked by a bridge, there was a collective eye roll. After all, we take everything Bozza says and does with a pinch of salt.

Blockchain in trucking

Connectivity is already taking hold of trucking, but blockchain is poised to take that connectivity to a whole new level.

E-trucks – Keeping things clean

Electric trucks have received a lot of media coverage of late – from the much hyped to the more low-key e-truck launches, every innovation is a step closer to cleaner air. Eco-truck evolution is rapidly turning into an eco-truck revolution. But, just how green are electric trucks?

Women in trucking: It’s time for change

Trucking has always been a male-dominated profession. Today, women make up just 7% of the driver workforce and about 14% of management.

The post-Brexit reality of haulage

The reality of a no-deal Brexit continues to loom large, and the uncertainty is taking its toll. With every industry assessing the impact such an outcome will have, EU road traffic has been the latest area of ambiguity.

5 trucking films we can’t get enough of

Get the popcorn ready, put your feet up and enjoy the show. Spoiler alert, there’s a theme: when truckers fight back.

Driverless trucks are coming your way, in conveys of three

It won’t be long before we see ‘driverless’ HGVs traveling in conveys of three, known as ‘platoons’. The speed of all three will be controlled by the lead vehicle, which will (I am pleased to say) be controlled by a human driver.