General news about the trucking industry

Seaweed-powered trucks. No, seriously…

You’d expect to find seaweed in the sea. You’re probably happy to eat it. But have you ever thought about driving a truck powered by seaweed?

Convoy testing on real routes

Whatever you think about advanced transportation technology, the tech being created by truck designers these days is certainly impressive. This advanced tech focuses not just on alternative ways to power vehicles but also how those vehicles ‘think’.

New plans to cut CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030 are unattainable

The new targets are unrealistic. This is the message from truck manufacturers following the vote by the European Parliament on CO2 reduction targets in HGVs

Distracted driving is a real road safety threat

Texting while driving is clearly a terrible idea. But while you might never do it, you can’t control what other road users do behind the wheel.

What is the future for city freight?

Looking at the history of freight transport, rivers and waterways used to see most of the action. But then, water was replaced by road and rail, and things haven’t changed much since then.

Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

According to MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee, the EU should be moving forward with driverless vehicle technology to avoid being left behind by the US and China.

Heavily-loaded lorry thought to have caused Genoa bridge collapse

A lorry carrying 44 tonnes of steel could have triggered the collapse of the bridge in Genoa in August this year killing 43 people.

Road tax for foreign trucks driving in France

France has decided that if foreign haulage companies want to drive on French roads, they need to contribute to their upkeep.

Emissions concerns for Volvo Group may result in recalls

In October Volvo Group discovered that parts of its emissions control systems are degrading “more quickly than expected”. As a result, engines in Volvo trucks could be failing legal limits for emissions.

Apollo’s Hungary facility now producing truck tyres

A new Apollo Tyres’ Hungarian plant has been up and running, with production of Apollo branded truck tyres underway.

Convoy CEO: Forget driver shortages, inefficiency is the real problem

While the headlines shout about the ongoing driver shortage, there’s another challenge plaguing the industry: inefficiency.

European roads put British roads to shame

Driving in Europe is a dream compared to British roads, a new survey suggests. Is that a fair assessment?