General news about the trucking industry

Brexit campaign launched for truckers

The UK government has announced a multi-million-pound campaign across Europe to make sure businesses and hauliers are ready when the UK leaves the EU on 31 October. 

10,000 beer bottles spill from truck onto road

A German truck driver spilt 10,000 bottles of beer while driving in the southwest of the country.

Austria to raise toll rates for trucks

Austria has gone back on its word and announced an increase in road toll rates for Euro 6 trucks.

Beer o’clock?

Uber Freight has moved its first European load – a trailer full of beer.

Abnormal load ahead

In June this year, I read about a 41-foot footbridge being driven through a tunnel in the UK.

90mph in a truck? You’re kidding me

A truck driver caught driving at nearly 90mph on a UK road has been given a suspended jail sentence and banned from driving.

£30 million of cocaine in frozen meat truck

More than 300kg of cocaine has been found disguised as frozen meat in the back of a truck.

Trucker stops runaway truck

A German trucker has been hailed a hero after he leaped into a moving tractor-trailer after its driver collapsed and died at the wheel.

Investing in trucking is all the rage

Did you hear? Trucking is going to be a $1 trillion industry by 2024.

UK’s youngest female truck driver

A Scottish fashion student has become the youngest female truck driver in the UK.

Look – no hands!

A lorry driver in the UK has been caught making an online payment on his mobile phone while driving his truck along a motorway.

Who’s the best truck driver?

DAF Trucks wants to find the best truck driver in the world.