Technology trends and news in the trucking industry

4 Things to know about fleet engine immobiliser

Vehicles are best known as valuable personal possessions for individuals. Therefore, everyone is responsible for keeping their vehicles safe from theft or damage. From dash cams to accessories, ensuring your precious vehicle’s safety is something you should never ignore. Along with other elements, the engine immobiliser is one of the most essential parts of the safety and security of your fleet. Therefore, this article suffices everything you need to know about fleet engine immobilisers. This anti-theft system was constructed into the engine control unit in the early 1900s that should be activated every time when driving the vehicle. But fortunately, today’s automatic modules do the job for you. What is Engine Immobiliser? A fleet engine immobiliser is a very effective anti-the...[Read More]

Speed Cameras in the UK – Road Speed Limit Enforcement Tool Basics

What are Speed Cameras? Speed cameras in the UK are tools operated by local law enforcement officers to limit vehicle speeds to reduce fatal road accidents. To improve transport safety, speed cameras are one of the several measures taken in places like the UK with dense traffic volume. How Do Speed Cameras Work? Following are the two ways speed cameras are designated. By applying radar technology. By working with sensors underneath the road surface.   As the sensors detect the vehicles crossing the designated speed limit, the cameras capture a photo of that vehicle to send to an electronic DVLA database to ensure the driver’s registration plate & home address. Once the details are verified, a speeding ticket is sent to the driver’s address with details of the offence &...[Read More]

Tyre prototypes for E-Trucks tested by Continental

Continental Tyres has been testing the prototypes for E-Trucks.

Autonomous trucks being trialled in Germany

Continental is working with brake manufacturer Knorr-Bremse to develop level 4 autonomy technology in trucks. Level 4 autonomy means a vehicle is designed to drive itself under almost all circumstances without the need for human intervention. However, (you’ll be pleased to hear) human intervention is still possible. Continental’s vice president commercial vehicle products and systems, Dr Georg Fassler said: “It cuts the need for drivers, who in any event may not want to drive long distances anymore.” The companies are currently trialling prototypes of these trucks in Germany. Fassler explains that the technology allows trucks to enter and exit motorways, change lanes and overtake other vehicles. He added: “The next steps will involve manoeuvring in confined areas – inside transport depots,...[Read More]

Tech that’s making trucking safer

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the trucking industry is a huge fan of tech. After all, it’s hard to embrace something that’s threatening to take away your job. But even the biggest opponent of tech must be able to see how technology has the potential to improve our lives. From healthcare to agriculture, tech is being used in many industries in so many ways. Autonomous trucks aside, there’s all sorts of cutting-edge tech that makes the trucking industry a safer, more efficient place to work. Here’s some of the tech that’s making trucking safer for truck drivers. 1 Cameras There are lots of ways cameras can make driving a truck safer. The first thing to note is just how sensitive camera technology has become. As well as being able to identify hazards on the road (including other vehicles, ...[Read More]

‘Intelligent’ mapping service planned to create safer roads

Vehicle-mounted image recognition technology is being used on Britain’s roads to create ‘intelligent’ maps of roadside assets.

Reliance on infotainment devices creating unsafe roads

According to new research by road safety charity IAM RoadSmart, systems with touchscreens, audio and video interfaces are significantly impacting driving performance.

E-highways could reduce UK trucking emissions

The report by the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight argues that the so-called Electric Road System (ERS) would cost £19.3 billion, be completed by late 2030s, and have paid for itself within 15 years.   

Top 5 trends changing trucking forever (and that includes humans)

According to a survey by Supply Chain Management World, 64% of executives believe that the insights being gleaned from big data can change the trucking industry forever.

The £2.5m digital freight start-up flying under the radar

The platform has been stealthily working its way into the hearts of hauliers and their clients, across a variety of sectors: Zeus.

5 trucking techs being used in the fight against Covid-19

It’s not surprising that trucking technology has been updated and repurposed because of Covid-19. Here are five examples of how trucking tech has been adapted.

China leading the way in electric trucking

To say that China dominates the electric trucking market is no exaggeration. The country is leagues ahead of its competitors in terms of producing electrified trucks. However, the signals point to sales of electric trucks to take off around the world pretty soon.