Technology trends and news in the trucking industry

Where’s the proof, Elon?

Elon Musk is not afraid of grabbing the headlines. Whether he’s smoking weed on a webcast, announcing plans to make Tesla private, accusing someone of being a paedophile, or discussing his plans in outer space, it seems there’s never a dull minute with this guy around.

Trucker power comes through social

The world of social media is cut-throat. Over the years, numerous social media sites have fallen by the wayside. Many have flourished too, but even the behemoth that is Facebook has not been immune to controversy – a victim of its own success, if you will.

Seaweed-powered trucks. No, seriously…

You’d expect to find seaweed in the sea. You’re probably happy to eat it. But have you ever thought about driving a truck powered by seaweed?

Convoy testing on real routes

Whatever you think about advanced transportation technology, the tech being created by truck designers these days is certainly impressive. This advanced tech focuses not just on alternative ways to power vehicles but also how those vehicles ‘think’.

Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

According to MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee, the EU should be moving forward with driverless vehicle technology to avoid being left behind by the US and China.

Here’s why would you should think twice before joining the gig economy

With Uber Freight threatening to disrupt the trucking industry, lorry drivers might soon have to consider joining the gig economy – where you can pick and choose what jobs you do instead of working under a permanent contract.

‘Alexa, turn on the headlights’

The idea of having a voice assistant at home was snuffed at by many only five years ago. Now, it’s commonplace to shout out to Alexa, Siri or Cortana to change the TV, turn on the kettle or adjust the lighting. The next logical home for this technology is the motor vehicle.

Smart tachographs – coming to a truck near you

Earlier this year, the EU announced plans to introduce a new generation of smart tachographs for trucks.

Sat navs getting the brunt of drivers’ frustrations

Are you a sat nav user or do you still use the good, old-fashioned map? If you want a more stress-free life, you’re better off sticking with the trusty paper map, new research suggests.

Bin-cam: The speed camera hidden in a bin

Drivers in Belgium have had to become particularly speed-conscious of late, with new speed camera technology keeping them on their toes.

Will self-driving tech make truck driving more fun

If you mention self-driving technology in truck driving circles, you do so at your own risk. Autonomous vehicles are seen by many as a threat to truckers’ jobs. However, not everyone shares that opinion.

Speeding ‘buffer limit’ could be scrapped

Every driver knows the potential consequences of speeding. For HGV drivers in the UK, those consequences include a possible hearing before the Traffic Commissioner. As it states on the Government website: “Remember: just one offence and you could lose your entitlement to drive a lorry.”