Technology trends and news in the trucking industry

Just how smart are smart motorways?

Is 2018 the year of the genius? Donald Trump is the “smartest man in the room” (according to the man himself). Bill Gates has earmarked $80 million to build a smart city. A $11,000 smart toilet will soon be on sale. And our motorways are getting smarter too.

Uh-oh. Now Uber’s got its sights set on trucking

Uber’s original plans were to offer a complete package of trucking technology including self-driving trucks and smartphone-based logistics services. However, when Uber Freight launched last spring, it was more of a brokerage service matching truckers with shippers.

The rise of Electronic Logging Devices

Long wait times have been the scourge of the trucking industry. In research conducted by DAT Solutions, 63% of the owner-operators and carriers questioned reported drivers spending more than three hours waiting to load or unload freight. I’ve heard of some drivers having to wait six hours – and that’s just not on.

What’s the score with driver scorecards?

Whatever the fuel efficiency of the vehicle you drive, your driving can impact the mpg by as much as 30%. I know it, you know it, your boss knows it, and tech firms know it too. Which is why driver score-carding (aka gamification) has been around for some time.

Precious cargo: Refrigeration tracking tech

Refrigerated transportation isn’t just about getting perishable goods (primarily food and pharmaceutical products) from A to B, it’s about understanding the transportation and perishability requirements of individual products, ensuring efficiency and compliance along the way.

Drive smarter with dynamic route planning

What if I told you you’d never have to sit in heavy traffic, drive in bad weather, or make a left (or depending on where you’re driving, a right) turn again?

Dude, where’s my trailer? said the truck driver

There are some rules of the road every truck driver knows: 1) Stay focused 2) Leave enough distance between you and the vehicle ahead 3) Get enough sleep between stops, and 4) Don’t lose your trailer. I’m not even joking.

What tech do you need for your cab?

Technology makes tasks simpler, faster, safer, and more accurate, but investment often boils down to one question: will it give us a competitive edge?

Dashcams in trucking: All eyes on the road

The so-called ‘crash for cash’ phenomenon is an enduring problem. According to figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the insurance industry pays out £392 million each year against such cases.