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Radical Waste Group expands with funding from Unity Trust Bank

A former surveyor who was inspired to transform a skip hire business into a recycling and waste management facility after renovating his own home is expanding his operation thanks to a £1.8m refinance package from Unity Trust Bank. Julian Knights, who set up Radical Waste Group in 2015, has used the funding to consolidate the company’s debt, install 90kw solar panels on site and create new office space. He said: “When I was having building work done on my house, I realised a lot of the stuff in the skip had value. “I then watched a documentary about what we do with waste, and I became really interested in the subject.” Bought a skip hire company Mr Knights then carried out more research before leaving his job in commercial real estate and bought a skip hire company ...[Read More]

Think Hire starts truck fleet with Volvo FH rigid

Renewable energy supplier Think Hire has put its first-ever truck on the road after taking delivery of a new crane-equipped Volvo FH 460 8×2 rear-steer rigid to help the business keep pace with growing demand. The FH will be used to deliver the company’s own range of solar generators, renewable power and site establishment products to its nationwide customer base. Supplied by Thomas Hardie Commercials, the new FH is mounted with a Fassi 710 crane and flatbed body, supplied and fitted by The Crane Centre, in Sandbach.  It is also equipped with VBG drawbar coupling for pulling a trailer when required. ‘Investment in our first truck’ Ian Potiatynyk, Think Hire’s head of contract delivery, said: “We are a relatively new company but have expanded quickly ...[Read More]

Tarmac orders first battery electric mixer truck in UK

Tarmac has placed an order with Renault Trucks for the first battery electric mixer truck in the UK as part of the company’s commitment to net zero.  Due to be delivered later this year, the electric mixer will be immediately put to work at Tarmac’s Washwood Heath site in Birmingham, supplying essential construction materials to customers across the West Midlands.   The UK’s leading sustainable construction solutions business is working with Renault Trucks and Total Vehicle Solutions (TVS) to develop the next generation of mixers, with ambitions for their eventual widespread use across its urban operations.  As Tarmac procures 100% of its site electricity from clean energy sources – wind, solar and hydro power only – the new vehicle will operate as a c...[Read More]

7 Bad driving habits: Dangerous practices by fleet drivers in the UK

Driving a massive commercial vehicle needs the utmost attention. Any form of emotion like aggression, anger, or distraction is crucially unaccepted while operating such vehicles. To become a commercial truck driver, you must pass the testing and certification process. Therefore, it’s not easy for anyone to decide to become an HGV driver. This article will help identify bad driving habits that are always responsible for causing unfortunate accidents while behind the wheel. Statistics on fleet accidents in the UK In 2020, there were 4,842 fatalities caused by large truck accidents, involving 64% of which were combination trucks. Additionally, there are approximately 130,000 people that suffer injuries every year, such as brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, whiplash and m...[Read More]

New Mercedes eActros LongHaul truck starts testing this year

Following the market launch of the eActros for heavy-duty distribution transport last year, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is pressing ahead with the introduction of additional battery-electric models for this and coming years.  For the important long-haul segment, the eActros LongHaul, with a range of around 311 miles on one battery charge, is scheduled to be ready for series production in 2024.  The first prototypes of the 40-tonne truck are already undergoing internal tests and Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ engineers are planning to start trials of the e-truck on public roads this year.  The eActros LongHaul will enable high-performance charging – so-called ‘megawatt charging’.  Preparing additional variants of the eActros Mercedes-Benz Trucks is also preparing addit...[Read More]

Fox Group unveil the UK’s first Volvo FE Electric tippers

The family-owned Fox Group is championing the transition from diesel to battery-electric heavy trucks with the introduction of two new Volvo FE Electric tippers into its fleet. The tippers are the first of their kind to be delivered anywhere in the UK. The pair will operate from the company’s depot in Leyland, where charging infrastructure has been installed to support both the trucks and staff vehicles, as a clear demonstration of the firm’s road-to-zero commitment. Volvo Trucks and supplying dealer Thomas Hardie Commercials worked closely with Fox Group to determine the optimal specification for the vehicles, using the manufacturer’s Electric Range Simulator – which considers multiple factors about a customer’s operation, including payload, routes, driving hours a...[Read More]

Renault Trucks unveils industry first for last-mile deliveries

Renault Trucks has unveiled an industry-first multimodal last-mile e-mobility concept – the E-Tech Master OptiModale – for cleaner, greener and more accessible urban deliveries. Designed and commissioned by Renault to help reduce congestion and improve air quality in urban areas, the unique offering combines three types of electric transport in one vehicle. There’s the 3.5tonne LWB L3H1 E-Tech Master van with a low loader Luton body supplied by Horton Commercials; an eBullitt electric Cargo bike; and a parcel-carrying drone from UVATEK.  E-Tech OptiModale is designed to carry and deliver parcels Suitable for a wide range of logistics operations as well as medical applications, the E-Tech OptiModale is designed to carry and deliver parcels of various sizes.  The ...[Read More]

UK’s road haulage sector warned to improve conditions

The UK’s road haulage sector is being warned by MPs to improve conditions and facilities for lorry drivers – or face a new tax. In a report, the Transport Committee says that radical surgery is needed to ensure the country’s road freight supply chain and its workforce are more robust and resilient. They are also urging Ministers to give the logistics sector two years to deliver sufficient drivers, workers and facilities, including high-quality services and welfare. Huw Merriman, chair of the Transport Committee, said: “We urge Government to be brave and force the sector to get its house in order.  “A Supply Chain Levy has worked previously to incentivise reform. If the industry won’t deliver change, Government should do so and send them the bill via...[Read More]

McGuire Transport impressed with first all-new DAF XG+

A New Generation DAF XG+ 530 FT 4×2 tractor unit has been turning heads among operators in Cheshire after being delivered to bulk powder and general haulage specialists, McGuire Transport. The top-of-the-range DAF is both the first truck from the brand to join the three-strong fleet in eight years, and the first new vehicle acquisition for McGuire. Once fitted with a specialist compressor, the new XG+ will be put to work by the Widnes-based haulier on its long-standing European routes, transporting mainly food-grade powders to destinations across the continent.  Responsibilities will also include some general bulk haulage, as well as container distribution from the Port of Liverpool. ‘I was keen to check out the XG+’ Company owner and driver of the new XG+, Mick McGui...[Read More]

Volvo Trucks’ new safety system to protect cyclists and pedestrians

Volvo Trucks is introducing a new safety system to detect other road users entering the blind spot on both sides of its trucks. In busy traffic situations, it is difficult for even the most experienced driver to perceive everything around the vehicle.  Now, to increase safety and ease stress on the driver, Volvo Trucks is offering its new system which uses a dual radar on each side of the vehicle to detect when other road users, such as cyclists, enter the risk area. ‘System helps the driver to prevent potential collisions’ Anna Wrige Berling, the traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks, said: “An accident can happen in a split second. Our extensive accident research is based on decades of studying real-life situations, and this new safety system helps th...[Read More]

UK Drivers are Getting Green Light To Turn Left On Red?

UK drivers could be allowed to turn left when the traffic lights turn red if the new US-oriented road propositions are presented in the UK. Traffic Consultants have acknowledged the concept of adapting the US-oriented road conventions as they could be a huge convenience for the UK’s rush-hour congestion in massive towns and cities. The United States road convention, it states legal for drivers to turn right at the red traffic light when it’s safe to do so. In most US states, it is legal to turn right at a red light if safe to do so. Given that we drive on the opposite side of the road, it would mean making a left turn at red lights would become acceptable in Britain. Campaigners are sure that doing so would reduce fuel emissions, reduce congestion and ease journey t...[Read More]

Mon Motors drives new Volvo FM car transporter

Automotive dealer group Mon Motors has added a new Volvo FM 460 Globetrotter 4×2 tractor unit to its fleet. It will be used for operation with a seven-car transporter trailer moving vehicles from its preparation centre to dealerships across South Wales and the West of England. The three-star Direct Vision Standard-rated FM replaces an eight-year-old FH and will handle regular deliveries to dealerships within the city of Bath, as well as occasional trips into central London. Supplied by Truck and Bus Wales and West, the new FM is finished in Millennium Silver factory paint and has been specified with Michelin tyres as original equipment. ‘It’s proven to be perfect for our needs’ Gavin Cleverly, the managing director of Mon Motors, said: “We went for the FM this ...[Read More]