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Tech that’s making trucking safer

Let’s be honest, not everyone in the trucking industry is a huge fan of tech. After all, it’s hard to embrace something that’s threatening to take away your job. But even the biggest opponent of tech must be able to see how technology has the potential to improve our lives. From healthcare to agriculture, tech is being used in many industries in so many ways. Autonomous trucks aside, there’s all sorts of cutting-edge tech that makes the trucking industry a safer, more efficient place to work. Here’s some of the tech that’s making trucking safer for truck drivers. 1 Cameras There are lots of ways cameras can make driving a truck safer. The first thing to note is just how sensitive camera technology has become. As well as being able to identify hazards on the road (including other vehicles, ...[Read More]

Daimler to add hands-free driving to trucks

The shift towards autonomous vehicles shows no sign of slowing. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, Daimler Trucks announced it was adding a hands- and foot-free driving capability to the latest version of its Freightliner Cascadia truck.

Heavy-duty truck orders down

Orders for heavy-duty trucks fell to the lowest level for 18 months in January. According to data from ACT Research, the industry saw a 68% drop in 15,800 Class 8 trucks compared to orders placed 12 months before.

Is electric truck technology making progress?

Unlike light vehicles, the commercial vehicle sector has largely avoided the emissions scandal. However, there is increasing political pressure to regulate heavy-duty CO2 emissions.

Digitising the trucking supply chain

As ecommerce harnesses an increasing amount of technology, it’s no surprise that these technologies have started to make their way down the supply chain.

Renault’s 2019 models comply with CO2 emissions regs

Renault’s Euro-6 Step D-compliant drivelines for its new 2019 models deliver fuel savings compared to current generation trucks.

Kids driving trucks? Surely not…

People in the UK have decided that putting ten-year-old children behind the wheel of trucks is a good idea. Yep, you read that right. Children as young as ten years are being given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a full-sized truck.

Does Convoy have all the answers?

Trucking is a lucrative industry and there are plenty of startups keen to get in on the action. Convoy is just one. The brainchild of two former Amazon employees, this startup uses technology to connect truck drivers with companies that need to move freight.

Truck makers become less critical of EU’s CO2 regs

Truck makers have toned down their criticism of Europe’s regulation on CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Did they have a change of heart? Perhaps, but it was more likely to be the result of mounting pressure from regulators.

Are McKinsey’s predictions a bit optimistic?

At the end of last year, McKinsey painted a pretty rosy picture of autonomous trucking. The report set out the consulting firm’s forecast for the future of autonomous truck development, and its cost implications.

Christmas tree news!

Did you know…Eddie Stobart travelled more than 300,000 miles delivering Christmas trees last year (the same distance you would travel if you were off to the moon).

10-year countdown to autonomous trucks?

New research has revealed that 76% of transport companies think autonomous trucks will be a viable option within the next decade.