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Will trucks become invisible?

When driving a truck it’s easy to see what’s ahead, but we should spare a thought for those driving behind us.

Women in trucking: It’s time for change

Trucking has always been a male-dominated profession. Today, women make up just 7% of the driver workforce and about 14% of management.

Electric shock treatment for truckers?

Speaking on ABC Radio, Roads minister for New South Wales Melinda Pavey suggested the use of in-cab devices that recognised when drivers began to lose concentration and administered electric shocks in response. Ouch.

5 trucking films we can’t get enough of

Get the popcorn ready, put your feet up and enjoy the show. Spoiler alert, there’s a theme: when truckers fight back.

Mega trucks: A marvel or a menace?

The number of mega trucks on our roads could double between now and 2025.

Tesla Semi Truck: Can we believe the hype?

PepsiCo pre-ordered 100, beer maker Anheuser-Busch reserved 40, and J.B. Hunt have earmarked 40 as well.

Gritty Gritty Bang Bang

Thanks to the recent spate of bad weather, social media, and some ingenious vehicle naming, the UK’s fleet of salt-spraying gritters have become online sensations.

Precious cargo: Refrigeration tracking tech

Refrigerated transportation isn’t just about getting perishable goods (primarily food and pharmaceutical products) from A to B, it’s about understanding the transportation and perishability requirements of individual products, ensuring efficiency and compliance along the way.

Drive smarter with dynamic route planning

What if I told you you’d never have to sit in heavy traffic, drive in bad weather, or make a left (or depending on where you’re driving, a right) turn again?